Sunday, January 23, 2011

Got game?

Now I've gone and done it. Life as we knew is it over. Cat's out of the bag.

Of course, you could have seen this coming - and so could I.

Lets review: There is Self and there is Now. These two things all philosophies and religions agree on. (In some fashion or another, anyway.) 

Now life in this universe includes these two, but they don't depend on us living to prove their existence. In fact, our individual lives are just an itch that needs scratching. Not vital to their existence - as they'll just continue long after this planet turns to dust, which is a lot longer than any individual humanoid or animal or plant or mineral life on it.

Just the way it is.

Self and Now are obviously outside of conventional concepts of time and space. But I've covered that before.

We're all just Self Now, otherwise. Go ahead, wipe out this planet, blow up the entire universe - won't mean a thing.

The meaning for all our thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires - all that mental stuff - these only exist as justification for our own existence. Everything we create as thoughts is just more lies on top of lies. (Of, if you like, truths on top of truths.) If you look all that mental stuff up, you'll find that you can and do consciously create all thought, any feeling, every desire. All of these can be controlled at the drop of a hat. (You'd think some actor had figured this out long ago - well, there was Shakespeare...) Of course, we've put most of them on automatic just to make it all more efficient.

This then brings us to purpose. Why the hell are we acting this way?

Each and every Life has a purpose. Life in this universe, you and I and everybody else, exists to fulfill some purpose or another. And that's the only reason for individuality at all.

The best explanation I've heard for this is the metaphor that "Life is a game". That means you have a playing field and rules, and competitors and goals and a set limit to the time of play. Death is a fictional part of this game, just like everything else.

Most belief-systems cover some idea of reincarnation (even the original Christian works, before an editor got a hold of them). But that's just a promise that you'll be back for another game, later. Another Now in that fiction called a time-stream (which is neceesary in order to play a game, isn't it?)

Proof of this is that when you can revive (or exhume) a person's purpose, you can cure any particular illness or even bring them back to a living, breathing form (which have both been made completely illegal by the FDA). And you can trace anyone's illness back to a series of thougths they had just prior to that point. Applying any technique you want that allows a person to change those thoughts (such a recognising their own responsibility) will then "cure" that illness, or at least make healing speed up.

No stranger to this, I had a malignant cancer when I was in my early 20's. And survived (obviously - I'm way past 50 at this writing.) But I later found out a friend of mine that I went to school with had also contracted cancer about that same age. She didn't survive.

The difference is that I took an instant to decide I wanted to live, as I considered I still had some things to do. It was a conscious effort - and I still remember the exact incident like it was a few minutes ago.

Life is just having a purpose and following it. And death is an arbitrary.

Everything else you experience as part of that game is just your own creation in order to play that game and fulfill that purpose - or not. The number of sands in that hour-glass are completely up to you. As well as how fast they run through it.

I could go ahead and tell you books and methods and techniques that would help you live that life and get that purpose accomplished. But I've already done that, over and over.

Any example I'd give here would just be more justification, raison' d'etre - reason for existence.

It's now up to you to do something with this, to make it part of your own life, your own existence.

Or not.

Because in any game, you have choice.

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