Monday, January 10, 2011

Which Piece of Self Are You Now?

There are two apparent truths "out there" -

1. There is only Now, no past, future, or time of any sort.

2. There is Self - and "we" are simply amusing concepts to pass the time. "We" are all connected. Self.

As you've been following this, you know I place a great deal of faith in that first principle of Huna "The world is what you think it is."

And somewhere around here, I wrote a couple of essays, one which traced the Huna principles backward in logic, showing that this statement was the lowest common denominator of all Huna, and was derived logically.  

Another essay I wrote down took that whole statement above and boiled it down to a single word - Be. And this could simply be a meditative command which would solve any of humankind's myriad puzzles: "Just Be."

Now, if you've ever tried to backtrack me with a Google search, you would have found me involved in all sorts of stuff - book publishing, self-help, Internet Marketing, spiritualism, mystic ancient writings, and so on. The string that has run through this has been toward those two goals -

1. Finding Self.

2. Finding Now.

It's even funny describing that trip as one of a dog chasing it's own tail.

Because it's been fun, but when you stop, what do you have? The dog sitting still, no worse off than before. (All that exercise is good for the heart and waistline...)

And of course, I invite anyone to simply do that as a resolution to anything one may be involved in: Just Be.

Not so oddly, I've worked to give away all that I've found over the years, to tell anyone and everyone all about the various secrets and explain the systems I encountered which apparently run everything.

Of course, this is all anarchistic and individualistic and both conservative and liberal - all at the same time.

Anything I have, I'm willing to give away to anyone who can use it to improve their own life. They just have to ask.

Not that I've made it simple for them - after all, I live on a remote farm in the middle of the midwest (even though you can find me on Google Maps). And the nearest big airport is  hours away, although various charters could get within about 15 minutes from my farm if you worked at it. So a person would only have to spend a few hours (and a lot of hassles with airport "security") to find me.

And my email addresses are simple, plus I have contact forms on everything. Much like the hermit in the cave. Internet-style.

Of course, that leaves me wide open. All against the best advice of "privacy" experts.

But the best defense is what? Not offense - that is simply saying that other people are separate from your own actions and beingness. If everything you do just comes back to you, that the more you help others is how you help yourself... That anything and everything that "happens" to you is simply You giving yourself another lesson... And all luck is "opportunity met with preparedness"... Any aggressive action against someone else would result in what - aggressive action against yourself. (I mean, what are taxes after all?)

Then the best defense is to Just Be.

Drop all the pretense of anything and everything besides Self and Now.

And that's the (rather soft) wall I've just run into yet again.

You can check out a newsletter I just wrote ( and that gives you access to all I know. And quite a few online lessons you can subscribe to from that page which will tell you the basics of everything. (Opting-in is just another form of asking.)

The older stuff isn't as succinct as the essays I put in this blog. But then, if you hadn't followed me all this time I wouldn't have kept this up.

So you can see that what you are reading is your own fault. And you are simply giving yourself another lesson.

Your welcome.

- - - -

Now out of all this, I've finally found that people are mostly here to be entertained - or that's what it looks like, anyway. Some of that entertainment is that they have a job and "make money" so they can buy things which will "improve their life-quality."

(Just in that last statement, you can see how very amusing everything is.)

So I think I've finally got down to the point where I can simply do what I most like to do and have some basic talent at - cartooning.

That's the bottom line to all this work in developing my "millionaire mind."

You see, I'm done writing self-help books. It's all there now. And that's just my path - your own mileage may vary. (And - "Caution: Contents May Be Hot.")

Now I'm going to make fun of everything - just to cheer everyone up, right along the lines of Will Rogers, Mark Twain, and Peanuts. Because that's the most empathetic thing I can do.

Anyway, as usual, ask me anything you want - and I'll tell you as best I can where to find a solution for it. You'll then be able to use that to improve your life, or not. It's your choice, as always.

But I'm going to have some fun, now.

Just being.

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