Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do you speak Intuitive?

Evolution is an always-on proposition.

It's not just genetically, from generation to generation, based on the random assignment and chance combinations of our DNA. Nor, on a sped-up format, is it through the yearly recombination of genes that our crops go through (did you know that now our genetic manipulation has been found to have spread into remote Mexican original corn gene-stock?)

More that we are constantly evolving all the time. The best and worst of us are on display daily, and we are actively working to improve our species and all species. And the best of us (re)learn to speak intuitive. Usually as an always-on condition.

As usual, I'll work to give you my inputs which you can decide if I'm speaking sooth or downright crazy.

You might be familiar with "Go Thunk Yourself, Again!", where I derive a method of intuitional analysis. This says, basically, that you can tap into your constant connection with the Universal. The methods used to induce this are simply getting out of dichotomous thinking (hot-cold, plus-minus, right-left, on-off, black-white, etc.) and start thinking in terms of at least a four-sourced thought system (which are described in the book as "tetrads"). These systems are interlocked and work together to bring the others up or down in value. (And the bulk of this book was published on-line in 19 posts at if you want to study it for yourself - or you can buy the book for easier review...)

Huna connections and explanations, "There are no limits" and "The world is what you think it is," gave further fuel to this, meaning that we are all connected through this Universal - and this is an always-on connection.

Later studies of Levenson (as published in Freedom Is) brought up ancient traditions that we are all Self, not individuals - other than to play the interesting and entertaining games we have. Of course that can be logically traced back to the Huna principles above, which you are welcome to disregard or disbelieve.

Further, the point that we are running on about 5% conscious thought and the rest subconcious has been pointed out by many, many scientists, researchers, and metaphysicians. In Max Freedom Long's books, he refers to these as the High, Middle, and Low selves - while the actual Huna names for these give a great deal more insight. The psychological explanation of these are Superconscious, Conscious, and Subconscious minds. (Serge Kahili King describes these in "Mastering Your Hidden Self."

However, Daddy Bray, as discussed by Laura Yardley in her "Heart of Huna" considered these to be metaphor.

Taking that concept, one could see how Levenson's releasing would then allow one to analyze memories and re-align them, resolving most of the "power" which the subconscious has over our lives. (Most efficient technique seems to be the use this in conjunction with Silva Method type of meditative/prayer-state.)

Now, this doesn't mean that our subconscious isn't good for keeping our breathing going and blood circulating. And some have held that this is really the animal body we inhabit, not our spiritual self.

If you take this back, you'll see that this is limited, as we obviously did create this universe we live in - and create it constantly during our days. This is what makes releasing and other forms of mental therapy so demonstratively effective. Changing thoughts and belief-systems (patterns/programs) then result in a changed world around us.

However, the term "animal" is misleading as well - since all our pets and livestock, even wild animals can be communicated with on higher levels than speech.

This brings us back to our concept of being able to "speak" intuitively.

We are simply connected to everyone and everything around us - because we put it there. (This again comes back to concepts of there only being a Now to Be in.)

Of course, you can disregard this entire essay if you want. After all, we are surrounded by all manner of ridiculous dramatizations of various reactive thought as voiced by our media, politicians, etc. And all the techniques to "sell" one another stuff is built on these factors that we are about 95% reactive to the world around us.

And the very tiny, tiny percentage of people who get "enlightened" have observed this over and over. One of the more classic descriptions was published in Claude Bristol's "Magic of Believing", as referenced by Earl Nightingale's "Strangest Secret" recording. Another referenced work was Dorothea Brande's "Wake Up and Live!".

What you'll find with these people who have "kicked over their traces" is that they are the most empathic and understanding individuals you may ever meet. They have personally evolved to a higher spiritual state than their companions, and no longer have to see things the way others around them do. Now, this doesn't mean they don't "make a living" like the rest of us. In fact, the very point that they are still around running separate bodies like the rest of us just goes to show that there is some value in hanging around this planet.

The trick is that life is no longer a chore. Money can be had - or not - by choice. One of the more interesting points I read about was in "Outliers" by Gladwell. His entire premise was built on the idea that people who were intensely gifted were rich - or more that the very richest among us were highly gifted and thought different. However, one of the exceptions (Christopher Langan) to this was discounted by Gladwell, saying that while he was every bit or more gifted than the world's richest, he chose not to pursue that - because he wasn't trained though his social upbringing to make that leap to success.

Gladwell, (IMHO) has a warped view of success. Langan is particularly and emphatically successful in the life he chose to live. Which is running a horse ranch in northern Missouri (which Gladwell dismisses as a "farm").

I've earlier disclosed that there are many, many more of these "enlightened" living among us than has every been discussed or disclosed. Because they don't have to be rich or famous, they may or may not be. But once you meet one of them, you'll realize it. No, they don't advertise and don't belong to any secret society - particularly. So there's no way to get a roll call happening on this, or even to verify my claim.

To my consideration, these few people are those who have the potential to "speak intuitive" all the time. If they want to.

Because choice, particularly this choice to be an individual, runs deep in humankind.

Try to speak intuitive today. It's a hoot.

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