Friday, January 07, 2011

Another Aha moment - where everything becomes possible

You might love this one - on the other hand, you could as well consider me off my rocker.

Your choice, of course.

It's this idea that everything is possible; the only limits are self-created.

Now that goes back to my stalwart (and universal solvant) Huna's "The world is what you think it is."

Next, toss in a liberal portion of Napoloeon Hill's "Faith is self-created."

Following that, the older Eastern concept that we are all Self - which follows the Huna "There are no limits." (Ignoring the NLP concept that there are no negatives, given that the English version of native Hawaiian also could be phrased as "we are all/everything is connected.")

Then you get to this really inane (by today's conventional wisdom) thought that with enough empathy (read: living an-other's life with them) you could actually seek out and mitigate anyone's lack of motivation, so enabling them to do as you consider most optimal. And you have to dissect that last phrasing carefully.

Of course, this starts to explain "charsima" - but we won't be going there.

All the above logic steps simply add up to the point that anyone could be/is a leader and can accomplish anything/everything they want for themselves and others within a given lifetime.

Obviously, one would have to constantly and only be working for the greater good. And believe all the above points down to the utter limits of their soul.

Faith without limits. Something Alexander the Great understood, as he conquered the known world by middle age, while most modern millionaires and successes start in their late 40's.

Interestingly, this powerful statement isn't available to politicians and dictators - as they consider themselves separate (and superior) to everyone else. (Heard the phrase "smartest person in the room" recently?) And as such, they only reap the whirlwind of the Golden Rule - since they consider they can act with impunity and don't register the bad things happening to them are their own causation.

When one is constantly and only acting for the optimal solution, then one is open to see all the opportunities which are constantly unfolding nearby and within reach. Of course, this is "luck" (opportunity met with preparation) and is exactly what T. Harv Eker means with his declarations. That anyone and everyone could become a millionaire or better. Because increased income is due to increased value generated. As the spirit within us is unlimited, we can have a true "golden age" as we all work to spread this idea of inter-connectivity - of "no limits". I.e. World Peace.

- - - -

That's my tidbit for today. Hope it helps.

PS. Want to know where genius comes from? Try this...

Or simply study this book - Genius: How to Be One, How to Live With It

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