Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dreams, Sedona Releasing, and Empathy

dreams If time weren’t tight already, I wrote another novel for NaNoWriMo – this one exploring dreams in our New/Internet Age world.

Some of the essential questions: Are your thoughts your own? Are the dreams you have self-created, other-created, or mutually created? And what to do about them, if anything?

The other reason was to see how fiction is a way to entertain new ideas and analyze them with various interactions. As writers have done since even before Shakespeare. Of course, you’ll see Joseph Campbell entering into this fray as one of the characters – with his “hero’s journey” laid out.

Of all this work, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusions

  1. Dreams are ever-present
  2. They are due to our always-on connection to everyone else.
  3. A disciplined approach to these allows you to have access to any answers or inspiration you need.

Now, the interesting thing is how to approach them. Burt Goldman and Jose Silva worked on these points from a scientific approach. Silva’s last work, “Ultramind", lays out how simply calming the mind can give you all sorts of access to data through your “sixth sense.”

Napoleon Hill already laid this out in “Think and Grow Rich” with his “Invisible Counselors” technique. And that was back in the ‘30’s.

Meanwhile, Huna has been enabling people to have this access for centuries, with their “magic garden” technique. Whether you get Max Freedom Long or Serge Kahili King, it’s much all the same. (But Dr. King has a nice study of dreams in his “Mastering your Hidden Self.”

The point here is that you live your dreams – whether you take responsibility for them or not.

And that is the crux of any self-help or personal improvement approach.

A recent development is getting clued into “Non-Violent Communication” (NVC). A friend told me about this, as he’s been taking this journey with me from our similar backgrounds.

But this is applicable to living your own life. And gives you the tools to deal with all manner of upset and irrational/emotional responses within you and surrounding you.

Lester Levenson gave the underlying ideas to actually handle the problems NVC sets out to solve. But NVC also gives the tools that Sedona (and Ho’oponopono) is missing in direct interpersonal interaction. While Sedona Method graduates are more empathetic than others, they still miss the simple tools of how to defuse situations by communication alone. NVC actually doesn’t have the underlying understanding of why people put such evaluative feelings into their own communication to begin with – or how they could get to the point where they can’t even recognize the difference between thoughts and feelings.

The whole trick is to find and use a wide variety of tools to obtain your goal.

What each of these (including any search for satori or enlightenment) is looking for is to attain an inner level of unshakeable peace.

The short-hand approach to this is

  • Utilize releasing technique as a regular, ever-present approach to living. Get beyond having to utilize feelings in your interactions with life around you.
  • Develop your empathy to deal with any limits you are finding that you’ve accepted or others are using around you.
  • Seek to simply expand your own beingness to the wider world around you, taking responsibility for all this universe you’ve created.
  • Act on your intuitive and inspired glimpses as you concentrate on simply what is around you.

And, as usual, once you get there, it’s just too simple. Well worth experiencing the journey.

- - - -

Sidebar: Difference between work and a job.

Work is simply getting something done which isn’t forwarding your own purpose directly. You get paid for it somehow, but it’s not what you would do by choice.

A job is simply repetitive actions which accomplish something.

Once you have your purpose figured out (or any goal you’ve set), then you’ll have jobs to do, but these aren’t really work.

I’ve been studying the idea of intuitive living, and it really does boil down to the point that you are going to have to do some jobs every now and then. And some of these will become regular features of your life for awhile (or maybe from here on out). But the point is to approach these from your own inner peace, and drop all the unnecessary emotional baggage which can accompany you on this journey.

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