Thursday, November 25, 2010

All Life’s Answers are Already Yours

world-peace-self-help-lessons (Of course, you get this here because I don’t yet have my main blog set up again. It’s coming, I promise. Just because I can get more resources available for your study when I do.)

The real underlying basis to your life is that you already have all the answers. Yes, to any question or situation you may have.

Most people don’t believe this, however, the mystics have been talking about this since forever. (Nice phrase, that.)

Also, any casual search of self-help classics brings this same point up. Lester Levenson, Burt Goldman, Jose Silva, Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, Thomas Troward, all of these guys. (And Dorothea Brande, as well as Genevieve Behrend – as far as gals.)

First, let me tell you the logic:

  1. We are all connected. In Huna, “There are no limits.”
  2. Your feelings and emotional programming that you’ve subscribed to is what keeps you separate. (Levenson, and NVC.)
  3. By releasing the emotional content programming you use to confront the world around you, then you can access all sorts of data – which we all share anyway.

If you check out “Think and Grow Rich”, this is described in his chapter about a Dr. Gates.

The technique here (which is also in Silva’s work, as well as Huna) is to simply relax and concentrate on the data to hand. Then you get your inspiration or intuitive insight to resolve whatever you are concentrating on.

What does this mean?

Of course, you can re-program yourself anyway you want. And theoretically, any ability you want is already yours as well. So you can be, do, and have anything and everything you want or need.

The bottom line is to get the wants and needs released from any insatiable desire – which is another internal program you are running on yourself.

Now, this is accomplished with just daily meditation or reflection, relaxing physically to enable this to happen more easily. You can’t force this into play.

Now, this can result in what was earlier known as enlightenment, or satori – which is a form of moving target as well. Once you have the basic realization, then you can use or abandon this knowledge (and state) anytime you want. If you do drop it, you can get it back any time at all.

And there can be some fantastic abilities acquired this way – and that’s in the real definition of “fantastic.” But most of these can only be obtained by dropping the “must-haves” and “gotta’s”, as well as “now we’re supposed to’s”.

Once you really get beyond worrying about or fearing mortal death – or even having to be a separate entity or survive as one (as odd as that may sound). And when you are willing to give up everything and not having to need anything, a peace beyond all understanding and description can be attained.

Of course, this means anyone could be a prophet or Master if they “don’t” want to or have to. It’s a funny contradiction.

And that’s why this “secret” is simply unknown and is in plain sight, if you look.

But that’s the deal – you already have any answer to any question possible.

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