Monday, November 22, 2010

Money addiction – and how to solve it

End your addiction of money I’ve been doing a study of money lately – actually, some of this testing and research has been going on for years. (It helps that I was working for a “non-profit” cult for years, and got used to low personal income levels.)

The point that money is actually a fiction, an invented substance that doesn’t occur anywhere in Nature – that doesn’t help us with the problem that our modern society is built to run on that commodity.

Most people, particularly in urban areas, are set to be completely dependent on this invented commodity. If they don’t work at some money-paying job, they can’t eat and lose their housing and even Internet access.

Research down this line shows that most money-advisors are telling you to simply pay off all your debt and cut down regular expenses. And there are tons of ways to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.

But philosophically, the main problem people have is that they are addicted to the concept of money, just as any other drug or out-of-control behavior (sex, rock-and-roll, politics, activist-lobbying).

If you’ve been following this blog or my other writings, you’ll notice that I refer to Lester Levenson as having sorted this scene out long ago. And I compiled that into a book “Freedom Is” as well.

The simplicity of getting over this addiction is to

  1. Recognize it to be an addiction – which you can do something about.
  2. Release your thinking, feelings, desires, and fears about it.
  3. Start living to improve your own quality of life and that of those around you.

Now, since you are already working on #3, that’s relatively simple.

On #2, I’ve broken this down:

  1. Let go of anxious thinking and worrying about money.
  2. Let go of the feelings you have about the subject and anything connected with it.
  3. Let go of the basic desires (wanting approval, wanting security, wanting control) below those feelings.
  4. Ultimately, let go of any fear of dying or no longer being an individual (or having to be an individual).

And of course, releasing is all a different subject and gone over in more detail in that book.

The point here is that it can be done – and should be.

Money is simply a game. It really always has been. Games have goals. So if you simply take the goals data which Levenson, Burt Goldman, Jose Silva, and others lay out for you, then it becomes relatively simple to accomplish any financial level you want.

And yes, I’m still testing this out for myself, but there are numerous and varied approaches which work and you can apply. However, there are tons of success stories out there.

My point is that it is far more important to you personally to operate at a high level of natural peace, happiness, and joy than you can buy with any amount of money. Because improving your quality of life and helping people around you to do the same is all there really is. You already have these all within you, but it’s up to you to let these surface and start really operating from that native level.

You can do all the 12-step programs you want. And yes, a support group for any sort of form of self-improvement is very valuable for the fastest results possible. (Or you can take my approach and simply recluse yourself from most of the world and it’s fascinations, while simply using self-inspection to resolve all the multitudinous and involved machinations we’ve built up around ourselves.)

The point is that you work on getting yourself free, happy, and at peace all the time. Some self-help guru’s have run into this problem where they cherish money more than helping people (and end up losing it all.)

So if you get to this point of being able to have any amount of money you want, then take the next step beyond and simply start living without having to have money at all.

Then your life will really have that meaning you’ve been looking for.

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