Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why the mind files your data "crazy" sometimes

The mind files (actually closer to free association - like multiple labels or tags instead of actually file folders in cabinets) by feeling.

This is the principle approach in filing the experiences you collect. While there can be some "analytical" approach to this, the primary means of recalling data (especially those random thoughts you have) are by feelings.

And so this explains why so many people cannot evolve into higher states of awareness without first mastering their feelings . And why Eastern masters require so much dedicated meditation toward the idea of silencing all thoughts and just "being there".

Once you master control over your feelings, you can start mastering your thoughts.

As "Thoughts are Things" per Mulford, and "The world is what you think it is" per Huna teachings (Nightingale quotes considerably more in this area in his "Strangest Secret" recording) - then this gives us an explanation of why maintaining a positive attitude makes for so much success.

Nightingale phrased it as keeping a "calm, cheerful expectancy" - which others around him observed he did on a regular basis.

And so we then have a shortcut to getting our lives in order: get your feelings under your own control. Then you can control your thoughts. And then you can control your own life.

Good Hunting!

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