Thursday, April 23, 2009

What you or I should be doing with our lives.

There are two things I keep coming back to - 1) Integrity, 2) Purpose.

Integrity means living with your mistakes and knowing that the Golden Rule is inescapably tied to everything we do.

Purpose is your passion - what you are here for in this life of yours.

And really, I haven't found any other items which destine what I say, do, and feel more than these.

Mostly, I've still been examining the 7 principles of Huna - and I continue to evolve in my thinking and my ideals as I work with these. And the work I have to do (and love to do) daily on this farm keeps me very real in all this.

Can't get "big-headed" when a tree fell on the fence, and it's too cold to plant the crops, and you are the proud proxy-father of a new, cute calf. Keeps you humble.

But that second principle of Huna explains that age-old Golden Rule. "There are no limits." In a non-NLP way, this could be better stated as: "Everything is connected." So what you do to someone else has your own hand tied to it - slapping someone else's face hurts your own. Giving open-handed is then the best policy, isn't it? Would you like to recieve a gift? Then give openly. If you like complements, then pass some around. Honesty used gets honest treatment in return.

- - - -

This recent work I've been doing in "stop telemarkters' Internet scams" hasn't really seen my positive side in all this. And, as both "The Secret" and Huna point out, when you push a negative, you get it's opposite. Opposing someone getting elected gets them elected. Supporting their opponent (positive) gets their opponent elected.

So in order to get "Thrive Learning Institute" shut down (or starting to honestly deliver what they promise), I'll need to start promoting what they don't deliver on. Means moving back to my earlier work.

But I'll leave the subject on a positive note - by telling people how they can get their prosperty back by reclaiming their privacy. (Stop telemarkters from calling you, in other words.)

Should be an interesting approach to life. Get these guys handled by working on my own prosperity - which actually means getting others to prosper. Great stuff.

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