Saturday, April 18, 2009

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There's a point which people mostly don't get, although Quantum Physicists are recently starting to find out: It's an always on, always interconnected universe.

Gregg Braden told of experiements they did with tissue, flying it hundreds and thousands of miles away from it's owner - and finding that it would react to any influence as if it were still physically connected.

It really stems from the point made clear by our planet's most ancient surviving philosophy as represented by Huna in the Polynesian islands, "There are no limits." Just to take this to its fullest phrasing - (the mind as NLP tells us, sees no "no") - we are all connected to everyone and everything around us.

And you should play with this idea to develop your skills in this. Because when you are thinking of someone, they can feel it - and are probably thinking of you. Same for pets, plants, and so on.

Sure, it's a weird idea. We've been carefully trained to ignore those influences all our Western lives. And this is what gives us politics, the CIA, Weapons of Mass Destruction, North Korea, etc. You name any ill we have in our societies and you can trace it back to closed minds.

The idea of scarcity goes this way. While the Universe operates in abundance, humans manage to set themselves up to starve right in the middle of it. Buckminster Fuller proved that we have had the capacity to feed, clothe, and house every single person on this planet since at least World War II, if not before. And that is actually the mechanical definition of it.

On a spiritual plane, this datum both explains and explores fascinating new realms. Here is all they psychic stuff of intuition, remote sensing. And actually then brings a practical hard-wired explanation to the Golden Rule and even Druidic concepts that what you give out comes back to you several times more.

Criminals (and politicians) are often on the dirty end of this stick. Because they think they can act (and think and feel) with impunity. But any downfall of the "rich and famous" can be traced back to how they treated people.

Here's the actual point - it's an always-on Universe. Your dreams, your random thoughts, your hopes and fears - these are all thoughts which you are sharing with those around you.

2nd point - you can control your thoughts by self-discipline. (And perhaps you've noticed the calm that seems to exude from some people when they enter a room...)

And so we have the power of prayer. How to pray, the most effective way I've found, is to simply get into the feeling you want to have in your life or toward someone else or on their behalf. If you want healing, you get the feeling of how a perfectly healed body. If you want rain, get the idea of happy children playing in that rain, of people's relief, even of the plant's reduced stress.

Words, of course, help you get into that feeling and maintain it. So we have the chants of Amerindians and ancient tribal societies, the mantra's of Eastern religions, the Latin prayers in the Catholic rituals.

Oldest has been simply entering "the Silence", as found in our New Thought books and our oldest traditions. Arm wrestling champions in Japan, some of them in their 80's and 90's were beating challengers a quarter their age and their secret: think of nothing.

A last point before I go this morning: This universe we live in actually stores all thought. Like a massive battery. Anyone potentially has access to any information they need to improve their life. And they can get this simply by being still, relaxed in body and mind, and get the idea that they have the solution to whatever problem is in front of them. Then inspiration will come in a flash.

So put good thoughts out, OK? Live a happy life.

Because what you think affects everyone and everything around you. There are no limits.

Pass it on.


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