Friday, April 17, 2009

Solutions and Lies - Love applied.

Love is a creative elemental.

It cannot really be described as a force, but can be used that way - "force" limits its use. "Power" also limits its use.

Truth seems an accurate fit for this current use, but take that as simply the foot wearing a shoe for the purposes of this discussion.

Truth, when applied to material situations, will bring about an improvement.

As all life is actually just matter animated by love, this then brings about all situations known to humankind, and also our animal and plant co-habitants.

Truth is known to be relative - just because of the purity of the Love within it. Pure truth (pure love) dissolves all. To exist on our current plane, there is a partial absence of pure love - also known as a lie.

One would think that politicians, lawyers, and criminals would quit existing (joke).

All that is alive has redeeming qualities - which involve its reasons for existing.

All life is evolving (seeking greater truths, expanding its inherent love) or devolving - becoming less truthful, less loving, more a burden on those surrounding. Devolution manifests disease and poverty. Evolution manifests health and prosperity.

Education allows a person to evolve. Education is a matter of observation and making choices.

One of the highest regards for our current society is the ability to make a choice. This explains and defines our "rights". Human rights are defined by how much choice - or ability to improve/evolve - they grant.

Governments do not grant rights. Government (and politics) are built on confirming and defending material wealth, particularly property ownership. Laws are composed to extend common decency which is held by the group to be survival.

But laws and government cannot guarantee rights.

Rights are thoughts, held beliefs. When "rights" include material objects, they are paper rights, not actual.

The individual, through their thoughts and actions guarantee their own rights.

Wealth is a transitory symbol - of the value of action and thoughts outward from you.

Politics is, by it's base, built on partial truths - also known as lies. All laws contain some sort of partial truth - real truth can't be written down or formulated: because is it love.

People can talk about things, write about things.

Love creates solutions, dissolves situations.

Any lack or scarcity is an artificial situation. Governments which say there is a lack or scarcity are building lies upon lies - and will ultimately collapse from its own weight as a house built of playing cards.

People who follow politicians and governments which are more lie than truth create their own problems.

Taxes seem a necessary agreement. When government seeks to tax unfairly in order to remedy social "ills" - it is just creating more lies.

A person who can organize crews and materials and build good roads will be rewarded by the community. That is the logic behind taxes - valuable services commonly appreciated by the community because their quality of life is improved.

But this essay digresses...

Love, when directed, brings improvement to the quality of life.

Education allows people to find better truths, better solutions.

However, there is no "right" to be educated. That is a personal action.

Those who are living in poverty and lack are refusing to educate themselves. And will not actually improve their conditions no matter how much money is given them.

But approach people with ideas and find the ones who reach to improve - and then you will have the actual leaders of those around them. Leaders are educators, not elected officials or authorities.

Any leader is responsible for those who follow, those who trust. A true leader always seeks greater truth.

Ultimately, we need only our heart to lead us - our own propensity for love.

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