Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Money - only a symbol

True. Charles Haanel said it in his Master Key System (first I read of it). Napoleon Hill covers this point, as well as Wallace Wattles in their best sellers. First Western writer to cover this was probably Thomas Troward, who had his sources in ancient Eastern and Judaic/Christian texts.

Even older is the ancient Polynesian Huna philosophy, which actually doesn't even mention this as a vital subject at all.

Money-as-symbol represents the value of the exchange. With poor exchange, the symbol evaporates. Thieves cannot hold onto and cannot spend what they obtained by deception or deceit.

Anyone who looks around them even briefly can see proof of this.

Too many people build up huge wealth only to die in bankruptcy. Others hold onto vast sums, but live their life a recluse because of their own fears - no amount of money could by them peace of mind.

Money represents the value of what you have given to others. It is only a fluid, not a static. And even ice can't he preserved forever. Wind and sun erode through time.

What, then, is the value of life? We all seek to improve, to evolve - which includes our family, our children, our relatives.

People who defraud, who scam, these people are reaping the whirlwind of the changes they created in the lives of others. Their own lives and the lives they touch are ravaged by forces they cannot control once unleashed. And whether they believe in it or not, the Golden Rule says all they create for others will be created for themselves. A Natural Law.

Peace of mind, true happiness - these things cannot be bought.

The wealth a person possesses is measured by his worth to others.

If you have people on your lines, connected to you, giving you advice - or setting your examples: wise them up. What is their actual value to you? What do they give you and what do they give others around you? How do they expect to be repaid?

Who do you owe? How can you repay those debts?

Are you being held ransom by the quality of life you lead? When can you jump off a spinning treadmill?

Do you seek to live with the Truth - or is everything a gray area of PR?

What you wind up with - not what money you are now getting - is determined by how you answer these questions above.

For your world is as you create it - you can only lie in the bed you've made for yourself.

- - - -

Here's to comfortable and pleasant dreams...

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