Saturday, May 02, 2009

Read the fine print - you're actually in charge, the boss...

There's an interesting point when you study all New Thought and Huna and all these Bibles/Korans/religious scriptures - and it's in the fine print.

If you squint right down there - and it's in every single one of these books, no kidding - just get out your magnifying lens and look. Yes, right there on the cover, or the inside page, or back at the bottom of the index, but when you see it, you actually find that it's been obvious the whole time...

There's some little tiny text there.

It says:

"You're in charge, bub."


Here's how I got there:

I covered in my Go Thunk Yourself series how there is no limit, really, to human ability. You can become as talented as you want.

And I mention the Huna principles - which really back all of these New Thought authors up. They say,
  • The world is what you think it is,
  • There are no limits,
  • Effectiveness is the measure of truth.
Now there are 4 more, but let's look at these for now.

No limits - meaning also that we are all connected to each other and the planet. If you reach out to slap your neighbor, that hand comes out and hits your own cheek. Which is the reason that people who manage to accumulate incredible wealth then start giving it away. The ones that don't usually wind up bankrupt or insane (and can't benefit from it).

The world around you is determined by thought and by action. Your attitude brings you awareness of any problem and also its solution. You decide (another thought action) to put that solution into effect or not. Actions are all just little thoughts demonstrated - every action requires a thought to get started. The universe around you is the sum result of your thinking.

Now, there is some magic just in those two ideas. Or it looks like magic. "Miracles" can occur just because of belief and faith. Faith is internally generated. So you can actually have "miracles as usual" happen around you. (And if you look closely, this is what's actually happening. Scientists still can't explain how Life starts - except the one's who re-converge the spiritual and the material.)

You are, in fact, a walking and breathing miracle. And all the miracles in your life are free.

Now, all the truths I just told you are only as valuable as you consider them to be. That's the third point - effectiveness of truth. How valuable are all those old books that have this data in them? Only as valuable as you consider them to be.

The bottom line that all these books come back to is this:

You are completely in charge of your own universe. What happens around you is all up to you and what you consider to be _______. (Fill in the blank with any quality or condition.)

What's good is good. What's bad is bad. And they both either remain or become so, depending on what you want to do with them.

But it means that you are actually ruler of this planet, this galaxy, this universe - all universes out there. If you want to be, that is.

The catch is simple. You just have to take responsibility for yourself, and your actions - or the lack of them.

Because there are no differences among us. Republican/Democrat/Tory/Labor, atheist/agnostic/religious zealot/weekend church-goer, killer/savior/victim. We are all cut out of the same cloth. And all our cheeks feel the same.

People who want to believe that they are separate from the rest of the world have far more problems than those who are working to help everyone they can. And this is the simple solution, the why which sits below all our political and ideological messes around us. People have come to think they are separate from other people.

Actually, you have no enemy.

You are your own worst enemy.

The faster you realize that and start to work with that concept, the faster real peace will start coming into your life.

Because, in fact, you are both God and the Devil at the same time. The devil's problems started when he decided he was separate from God, no longer part of the grand scheme. Before that, he was an angel up there with the rest.

But our own Free Will is our blessing, not our curse.

If you want to look all this up, the proof is there. Those who live and work to improve the broadest part of humanity have the most peaceful lives. Countries which encourage individual responsibility and action create the highest quality of living. (The U.S. poor would live like royalty on their annual income if transplanted to some other countries.) Look at North and South Korea. Just two different approaches, two different thought series. However, the South could help the North become fantastically comfortable and healthy and well-fed. Even have some of the fastest Internet on the planet...

But all of these examples and all of this logic all just point to one thing:

You're in charge, bub.

It's all up to you.

So go ahead, be your own miracle-worker.

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