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7 Life-changing Principles: The ways it's all laid out - too easy, but we make it complicated

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There are some simple truths which can make your life easier - if you believe in them.

Here's 7 simple principles you can improve your life with and go about living a much easier life. But I don't tell you that you have to believe in these, only that you can...
  1. The world is what you think it is. This is one of the oldest principles out there - and only survived through oral history. But it surfaces in every religion and every philosophy there is. Modern "positive thinking" also adopted this from older New Thought writings, which in turn lifted them from Eastern beliefs - which were influenced by that older oral tradition. "Thoughts are things." "We become what we think about." "What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve." All these are the same concept.

  2. Now, after that, examination shows that there is no such thing as "chance." Everything is caused in this universe. If something "happens" to you which is a "surprise" - just go back and figure out why you left this up to someone else to decide. Of course, you have to really believe that the first item above is true before you can say with any certainty that this second one could be.

  3. Another principle from those older (Huna) principles: "There are no limits." Essentially, this means that we are all connected somehow. Quantum physicists have been proving this for nearly a half-century by now. Of course, this tends to support #2 above, and also #1. But realistically, you have to believe in #1 before you'll believe #3 - so it's a bit of a self-serving cyclical belief structure. This starts to explain this universe we live in - if you take the quantum view of things. These scientists discovered that what a person thinks determines what happens to him - but also that we are connected to each other in very strong ways, regardless of how separated we may be physically. Which leads us to:

  4. All your thoughts are shared - and so are everyone else's. Braden and others have gone down this route. But you can figure this is where some of your "inspiration" comes from. We are permanently connected to each other and our "separateness" is a convenient fiction. Of course, this explains psychic phenomenon and a few other things. You've probably ran into anecdotal evidence of this in your own life from time to time. Such as a mother and child knowing when it's time to feed, as well as when the other is under stress.

  5. So, practically, there is nothing you can't know and understand. Tapping into this would then be a way to gain advantages in your life - personally, financially, socially. And if you look up the subject of genius, you'll see that you can find ways to bring out your own native genius abilities - which methods have been known throughout the centuries, by many different writers in many different times and places. Only our modern Internet Age has made all this data readily available for anyone with an Internet connection to find.

  6. You can change your personality into anything you want or need it to be. This is known to be true completely outside of any of 1-5 above. But those earlier 5 points explain why it happens. Thoughts determine actions, which consistently performed produce habits, which then form personality. Any habit can be changed (according to many recurring and overlapping studies) in about 30 days - if you simply force yourself to do something different every time you are about to do something "habitually" you want to change. People can start drinking water every time they want a cigarette - and wean themselves off that physical need. (Which is one explanation why some people gain weight when they quit smoking - they can substitute food for cigarettes.) Of course this means that criminals and pedophiles can change their minds. And there are even some studies which show that changing your personality (habitual ways of thinking) will change your DNA to a greater or lesser degree. And of course, that throws another larger set of studies saying that people are genetically one way or the other - well, I love that study which says 50% of all scientific studies contradict the other 50%.

  7. "Effectiveness is the measure of truth." And so, you choose what you want to believe based on whether it's workable for you or not. Means you can throw this post away, along with all the data above and keep living anyway you want. The final proof of anything lies only within you. And people will continue to find things in their lives which support any way they like to live. Liberals always find support for liberal policies, conservatives likewise. Criminals can always justify their actions, and the religious can find some scripture which supports any particular way of action they choose. Like Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do it, or you think you can't do it, You are right.”
So there you have it. If you believe in what I've gone over above, then you've got it made. And if you think I'm full of it, you're also on the right road. Because either way, you're right.

I post this because maybe you had an inkling that you could have more control over your own life, or that you could get out of a stressful situation you are going through. These above principles are just ways you can change your life and live it easier.

How do these make your life easier? Well, when you are happier, life is easier overall than when you are all stressed out, right? And if you can change your mind about something you find you don't want to keep doing, then you can do things you really like to do. Doing things you like to do as a routine basis will help you be happier all the time. So, by changing your thoughts - and tuning into positive, helpful thoughts of people around you - you can then change your life into anything you want it to be.

But of course, that's your choice. And no one else's.

Thought you'd want to know that.


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