Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quickly reprogramming your life - the Internet way

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And if you reprogram your mind, via the Internet,
do you lose it down a rabbit hole?

Nah - it's not that easy. There's lots of failsafes along the way - plus, there's an automatic route back.

OK, why I'm bringing this up: in my marketing research, I've discovered 1) that the world is nichefying at an incredible rate because of the Internet - which is a good thing, and 2) there are now technical ways to do this which allow you to concentrate and narrow your focus - which will then ultimately reprogram your mind into something quite different than what you currently think is "normal".

First the failsafes: Common sense keeps you from doing things that would be self-destructive. Well, most of the time. These can be over-ridden, but usually one keeps from personal destruction. If you're hell-bent on doing it, anything is possible. But for the vast majority, there are certain patterns you've held onto which keep you safe in most circumstances.

The road back is because you never really forget old patterns. And usually you can readopt these easily - it just takes a little less effort than changing an old habit into a new one. Slipping back into old ways (like an addiction) is easier than coming off that addiction. Mental bread crumbs and all that.

Now, what are these ways to reprogram yourself via the Internet? Well, the social media we have also has developed aggregators which can be programmed to simply and only give you the data you really want. Like Yahoo Pipes and FriendFeed. You can take all sorts of data which has RSS feeds and get these filtered into only the data you want - and then pipe these into a feed reader so you only get the data which interests you and you think is valuable.

When I went down this line with marketing, I soon saw that by putting these blinders on, you would simply and quickly become an expert on that niche subject and would be putting yourself into conversation with other people who have similar interests to yours - your clients and associates. And that is the way to really make it in any niche - surround yourself with key data that has to do with just that niche, and then blog/write/podcast/video about it all the time. People who are collecting that type of data will then seek you out.

It's actually a natural function. That's how you pick your friends and how they pick you.

And it's how you are constantly reprogramming your mind.

Only now, the Internet also allows you to do this much quicker - and influence a helluva lot more similarly-interested people than ever before.

The worry was the rabbit-hole concept from Alice in Wonderland (as made famous by The Matrix movie). People have described going down into rabbit-holes of interesting data-leads, only to emerge hours later with nothing to show for all their fascinating Internet surfing. (Probably a smile on their face, but maybe not.)

By creating aggregators to find you data and filters which then clean and purify this data into only things you are interested in, you can then build your own blinders so that you are only getting that data which makes you happy. And so, you become a walking expert in a particular niche - and in search engine marketing, this is how you can then grab top spots so that people can find your products.

Essentially, you reprogram yourself into success.

But that is really what all these books and tapes and videos on self improvement are all telling you, isn't it? They are trying to get you to quit listening to the herd mentality and start listening to yourself. And when you do, you become concentrated on the one thing which will give you everything you want in life.

That "one thing" is different for every single person alive on this planet.

It's just the way things are. And why the way things are - if you wanted to look.

So, worry not - it's all cool. Just be yourself and listen to those things you feel you should - that make you feel good all the time. And as you improve your filters and aggregators, you'll be easily replacing your old datums and mental habits with new ones.

Cheers - and Good Hunting!

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