Friday, January 02, 2009

Practical Right and Wrong - Truth Explored

What's the difference between Right and Wrong?

Well, this is probably going to set you back on your heels a bit...

In terms of survival, these are defined by what raises or decreases your quality of living. Right improves your ability to keep surviving, wrong makes it harder to survive.

But in an argument, or logically, or in just wordplay - it really doesn''t matter. Because "the world is what you think it is." Whatever you think, therefore, it natively right. And those people who can back their arguments up with various facts are really just good at manifesting stuff in this universe. Really nothing more than that.

It's explained by another Huna principle - "Effectiveness is the measure of truth." Whether something works for you is whether it is "true" or "right". And that is also what makes it more or less survival for you. Can you put this idea to use in your own world?

The above is actually the reason for discussion and why diversity is important. Not all ideas will be useful for you - but it is important (and IMHO vital) to your improved or decreased quality of living. Many people have different experiences and views on those - two people won't see the same incident the same, and they won't evaluate it the same. So these lessons can be useful stories for you to evaluate your own world-view and life-story against.

Unfortunately, this means politicians and centralized governments are very much less important than they have ever needed to be. The individual, and their local groups are the most important. Loosely-coupled into organized groups, they can defeat any oppressive influence - and ensure all the individuals within will be able to take charge over their own lives.

So what's right or wrong? Whatever you think it should be...

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