Thursday, February 15, 2007

There's no distance between what you want and what you have

It suddenly struck me tonight - something I've been reading or listening to all these days - you have to believe that what you want already exists. Your world has to include those realities just as you want them. Exactly as you want them.

For me, personally, this is a step of getting away from "crazy thinking". I figured that if I actually worked at considering that such things existed when I have always been taught that I have to work at getting something - that would be crazy. Like having illusions around you being more real than "actual" life. However, that is exactly what you have to do - create a belief that is stronger than the world around you.

Took some time to sink in, but that's the simplicity. Build your "castles in the air" and they will appear - not just to you, but to everyone around you.

For that is what makes our reality - those very dreams and beliefs. Start having that shadow world around you and make those shadows very real and actual to yourself. Live surrounded by those feelings you get from the world you want to appear. Go to bed at night and feel the ideal person with you in your new life. Wake up in the morning and luxuriate in the wealth, prosperity, and health you want.

Just put them there, believe they are all there - now - and the universe then comes around to your wishes. It's that simple.

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