Thursday, February 15, 2007

While things stay the same, they also change...

As you continue to re-program yourself, you will find yourself acquiring new habits and dropping old ones. Your preferences will change, in ways you cannot predict. As you re-build yourself, and work to become more in tune with the Universe, you will find intuitive decisions you make make sense to you - but are actually making yourself into a new person, a new being.

As this happens, as this occurs, feel free to change your visions - those closely held beliefs (where you've applied Hill's six steps) may become either achieved or simply replaced, upgraded to new levels. Also, you may change the amount of time you feel has to occur before that vision can manifest.

Time is a funny thing. In "What the (Bleep)", there is some discussion of time moving perhaps in tides - a phenomenon which isn't explained by the current norms of time.

As "Now is the moment of power", you can see also - as covered in considering all your manifestations have already occurred - that really being in your Now is all the time there is. You change the world around you by changing your considerations of that world. Those things you make no decisions about will continue as they would anyway. Where you make choices to change your world, these things occur.

Some have time as linear, some have it as cubic. To my mind, it is tetrahedronal - which interlock to form any sort of philosophic/metaphysical shape. For our combined concepts show time to be what we consider it to be. ("The world is what you think it is.")

What we are all doing in this existence is combining and recombining our various ideas to produce a composite reality which is "real" because we all have input our considerations into it. If any of our constructs proves unworkable or disliked ("Effectiveness is the measure of truth.") then we can change that.

So we come full circle to the point that we are creating the now around us, that we affect all others around us. ("There are no limits.")

What the bulk of us are coming to understand is that we cannot do it alone, there is no single Messiah from a single faith who will bring sudden understanding to this world. We can see that each of us must be our own Messiah - to enlighten ourselves. This doesn't preclude being a teacher or mentor for someone else, just as they will be/are bringing lessons to you.

We have perhaps seven years to 2012 to figure whether we will be seeing the enlightened state or planetary catastrophe - or both or neither. But what you would like to have happen - or what you fear will happen - is true.

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As a side note, this book came to view today on a Google search for "Thoughts Become Things".

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