Monday, February 19, 2007

Lots of viewpoints, so many answers to choose from

When you listen closely to the Universal, you find a complete buzz of answers coming at you to any possible question you may have. It's a bit like listening to the entire radio frequencies, both AM, FM and shortwave, all at the same time.

In this case, you are the tuner. You decide what you want to do with your life and what questions you want answered. Then - get quiet and listen for these specific answers.

Explains why Haanel and Collier, among others, say to "seek the Silence" often.

The trick is to know yourself. These two authors share the same point (Collier may have and probably did study Haanel, and this traces back to at least Troward, if not even older authors) that the Universal has no real direction - that's what us humankind types are for. We have to concentrate our attention on a single issue, while the Universal takes care of everything. Universe is static, we are individually dynamic.

That's where the direction comes from. That's what the point is. You are the point, the reason for everything. Any chaos you see on this planet is just that - undirected possibilities, all happening simultaneously by default. You and I can individually change such situations, by simply changing out thought - what we desire to happen in and with our lives.

That's the advice from "The Secret" and Hill to simply have a singular desire and push this regardless. When you keep on top of that singular goal, this shows up in the Universal. It just creates what you want, what you REALLY want. If you don't particularly want anything, then you can get just about everything. When you don't have a particular reason for the weather to be one way or the other, you can get just about anything. Want a sublime sunset and see it happen.

That's just the way it is. Believe it or not. What you believe, really believe, is what happens.

Now people who don't believe (or they don't know) will give you all sorts of excuses and reasons why what you have faith in doesn't actually work, isn't actually that way. Good for them. They have their life, you have yours. You can't make their life any better, except peripherally. But they can change yours if they change your agreements, your considerations. Don't believe the world around you and you can change the world around you.

Practically, when you really think down this line, you see that the world around you is already being created by you. What you see around you is the world you've already thunk about. Already ordered by you and delivered by the Universe.

Practically, this whole scene around us is only thought, built from pure energy - but that is getting ahead of where we are. (Check out the extra features on "The Secret" for this particular working theory.) The simple point is - think the thought often enough, with enough feeling and faith, then watch it occur around you.

There are no particular limits on your ability other than what you consider them to be. The world around you is subject only to those limits. Now, conversely, we are all connected because there are no particular limits there either.

Here's the deal: plan your work, work your plan. Really, REALLY believe in that plan. Hold that plan to your chest and only tell your master mind the parts they need to know about. As you develop your own faith in yourself, you will see more and more of your plan taking place, more and more of the world around you showing up just as you wanted it to be.

That's just the way it is.

Of course, if you beg to differ, you can create your own system. But right now, I'd advise practicing with this one until you've got it completely figured out and giving you everything you want.


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