Wednesday, February 07, 2007

That annoying blog-post-linking habit I have...

If you've been avidly following my posts, you'll probably either love or hate my way of linking to books I've put on Lulu for sale or my own blog posts.

It's really not so crass that I'm simply full of my dear-old self and out to make a buck anyway I can. True, I link to books that are paid - this supports my research. (Factually, I've spent every dime I've made so far off those books on more books to study.) But if you are really that tight, you can see that mostly I talk about Hill, Haanel and Wattles almost exclusively - and I have free download versions of these books on my storefront page as well as having posted these entire books as blogs.

The reason I link to these is so that people can get the data in a simple format. If they want a free download, or a paid download, or a hardcopy book - then they can get it from one site within a few clicks. If they only want to read it online, they can look up the blog for that author.

You'll notice that I am really only "pushing" a few key books on that storefront. I did some research and published it finally last year. When I found out how easy it was to publish, I got these other books edited and published so that I could provide an extra service - so people could read the data I had and see if they came up with the same conclusions. I made these available as both free and paid so people again had another choice. But I can't re-publish books which are still under copywrite - so you will see a link on my storefront to tell people where to get them on Amazon.

The reason for the blogs was again to give more choices, but also to enable direct linking to that chapter which supported what I was talking about. I later expanded this when I extracted the transcript for "The Secret" DVD, as well as "What the (Bleep)" DVD. Reason being is that I was referencing these DVD's in my posts, but had no way to directly link to the section/scene I was talking about.

Far from being an "in-bred" blog, I'm just offering you readers all the possible choices in your search for alternate mental programming. You will note that when I mention one of the teachers' name from "The Secret", I give you their link.

So I think this is a pretty good service overall.

Another point here is that I have all these posts forwarded to my gmail account and filed. This way I can search through all my blogs at once through Google's Desktop Search - so I can research what I wrote and referred to anytime I want, without having to open and search every single blog post to find where I talked about a certain topic.

Just thought you deserved an explanation. Now any time I have to explain about how I write, I can simply and efficiently just link to this post. Marvelous stuff, this Internet...

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