Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New ways to study "old" data

Just this week found Collier's book - "Secret of the Ages". Long in the public domain, it is still not a book which has shown up on various P2P or Gutenberg-type sites. So it didn't show up in a lot of my research, as I simply hadn't heard of it. (Punch in "Master Key System" or "Science of Getting Rich" and see the difference.) Finally, the director's commentary on "The Secret" mentioned that this was the book featured in that movie.

On the outset, it seems more readable than Think and Grow Rich. As I work out how to study it, I will be looking for the differences which kept it from being as widely known as Hill's. Secret of the Ages was written 11 years earlier, but sold over 300,000 copies and went into several reprints and editions.

The subject of this post is how to study. I've several books to read (which I have to make time to get to) and several to really study and review. But I am moving into artwork and this research which has taken the bulk of my time will be moving into the background. The solution is to make audio tapes of the book and play it as background, over and over. This would replace the current set of MP3's I have (Strangest Secret, Think and Grow Rich, Haanel's MKS Questions and Answers, One-Minute Millionaire, "The Secret" soundtrack, Science of Getting Rich summary chapter) temporarily while I study this book. I used to listen to books while at a former warehouse day job, and this whiled my time away, as I packed items for them.

I would then try this as I've replaced TV watching (save only NBC's "Heroes") with these MP3's. So I have quite a slot of time while I'm editing or doing my artwork. But I don't have time to actually "read" very much. Come to think of it - that is exactly how I did the bulk of my studies - convert them to text and then Text-To-Speech, listening to these MP3's while doing the mundane warehouse and even farming jobs where I'm going over acres of land back and forth for hours and days.

Once I started writing, I had all this data straight to hand. I'd only have to Google Desktop Search my computer to find the original MP3 or pdf file so I could quote it . But I had absorbed it aurally.

This then reflects and supports the self-programming techniques which I've advised on (and Bob Proctor mentioned on the Larry King Live show). Surround yourself with the data you are interested in and support your views. People do this naturally anyway. But in our case, you are causatively picking out those surroundings which improve your mental "case". People only "pull in" data which supports their basic views of life. Where you work to re-program your thinking, you pick a system that you can have faith in - and then give it your all. At the same time, while you suspend disbelief, you also trust but verify. You are looking for results.

Now, as I say that, you should take a look at James Arthur Ray saying people have it going and then quit, which is where the Law of Attraction lets you quit - in spades. But that is the kicker to this particular system of thought. It is almost like where the philosopher Berkeley (where I grossly paraphrase) argued, "OK, prove God isn't letting you think that way on purpose." There really isn't an argument either way - like Henry Ford said, "...either way, you're right."

For me, that is what is really fascinating about this whole New Thought/Law of Attraction scene. It's the closest thing I've found to a complete system which explains the functioning of this universe. Once you know how things work - and really believe it - then you can start creating massively effective solutions to innumerable "unsolvable" problems. Science Fiction laid it out years ago. We just haven't been open enough to look for it before now.

- - - -

I'm over half way through making "Secret of the Ages" into MP3's, since I got tired of listening through Adobe Acrobat, which keeps repeating the title and author everytime it turns the page. If this book turns out great, I'll probably post it as a blog so we all can have reference to it. That's worked out with "The Secret" transcript, as well as "Science of Getting Rich", "Think and Grow Rich", and "Master Key System". I can quote and refer to these as I blog along, at least getting into the area of the chapter - where people can use the search function to get down to what I'm talking about. And if I ever decided to re-read a given chapter, or make a particular point, I could always "Blog This" right from the Firefox Google toolbar.

Anyway, give MP3's a try. It's worked for me - I've gotten several books written in just a few months by stockpiling all this data and using the system above. At least its better than listening to inane commercials every 10 to 15 minutes of your day...

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