Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More books for your use - Robert Collier, Dorothea Brande...

Great stuff, making these old classics newly available.

I found the public-domain bestsellers "Wake Up and Live!" by Dorothea Brande, and "The Secret of the Ages" by Robert Collier. As I studied these along, I found that they considered autosuggestion a key technique. So I published the lot as one book, "Secrets Between Your Ears" along with Coue and Brooks' "Self-Mastery and the Practice of Autosuggestion".

You're welcome.

Turns out Collier wrote a fascinating book, but touches on all the classic works - that same point I originally wrote up in "Go Thunk Yourself" and "How Self-Help Authors Write Bestsellers". All of these guys use the same system, which is successful only to the degree you apply it. I didn't know Collier's book existed at the time I did my original studies, but since "The Secret", it has been seeing a resurgence. So I published his book separately - since it doesn't exist on Lulu otherwise.

Brande was originally referenced on Nightingales "The Strangest Secret", but I wasn't able to find a copy until recently. She wrote very well and simply. (And you can get a free download of that PDF on the linked blog post above.)

Napoleon Hill was the only other author I've found to date who held such stock in autosuggestion. He mentioned it in his "Think and Grow Rich" as well as "Law of Success". You can find Coue and Brooks work here as a free download. Great stuff, nearly forgotten.

Good Hunting - I've got another text to publish today.

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