Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some works, some time, some vision.

There are ways to do things and most of these require keeping a schedule.

Below/before that is setting and working at goals, which themselves require a purpose.

Found myself today starting to edit yet another book, this one by William James - who lectured on comparative religions (my bent and hobby) and told much about New Thought. As I already had the text version, I started editing it into a PDF version which was more screen-readable. But then I found myself putting his three hundred sixty-some footnotes in by hand.
And asked that same self, "Was this on your plan today?"
No, came the reply, but I'm almost done - just a couple more hours.
"Might I remind you that you have only so many hours in the week - and you already have another book to publish this week..."
Oh, yea. Well, right after this one.
"(Shrug.) It's your life."

So you'll get James' work, plus the other one. A too-fer this week.

But I had to promise myself to get back into my cartooning. There's another technical question to answer and the hard, slogging work of getting all these idiom toons up and online for your benefit and mine.

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