Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dr. John De-Martini interview - fresh from the Larry King show on "The Secret"

A fascinating post and interview. Gives more data on how a person can causatively re-program themselves.

Blogging » Blog Archive » THE SECRET, INTERVIEW WITH DR. JOHN DEMARTINI, PART I: "Was there any particular person or book that altered his way of thinking and sent him on a new path of thought? John indicated that there was no single event or book that he would classify as the impetus for his personal transformation. Instead, over twenty years of study into philosophy and cosmology led him to discover a set of common concepts, ideas, laws and patterns that were universally accepted ‘truths.’ He said, “I devoured ‘ologies’ and any book that dealt with positive thinking.” At the age of 18 he read the works of Gandhi and decided to embark upon a self-monitored effort to change his own thought behavior. Four times a day he checked to see if his thoughts were more positive and he made every effort to make them positive. After two years he came to a startling conclusion that did, in fact, create his own paradigm shift. "

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