Thursday, February 08, 2007

Coming full circle is a pleasant experience

While I've been getting into some interesting stuff with Bible studies (Max Freedom Long's Huna Code in Religions, Thomas Troward's Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, Collier's The Secret of the Ages - and others), it still leads me back - by the nose - to the point that I sorted out my base beliefs some time ago when I found that all these philosophies and religions really only are talking about the same principles at their base.

Now some have held that this may mean a single source for all religions - and such may very well be through the Huna, which seems to have influenced our oldest religions.

But I am not interested in "proving" through various literary rhetoric how all this comes about. Not my schtick.

In Go Thunk Yourself, Again! I laid out the basic 5 to seven laws this universe runs on philsophically. Also in that book, I say that one would wrap up any such study with Huna principles, which seem to be at the core of all this.

All my later studies simply continue to find support through every single book and study I turn up. Yesterday and today, for instance, I was pursuing various lines of study about Jesus - which the Internet contains in many, many versions. These all still had the same common principles that he taught - that of the "Kingdom of God is within you". Reading Collier or Long or the others (such as William James' massive "The Varieties of Religious Experience") only bring one back to the same key point that there is a single universal philosophic system at the base of all religions and philosophies.

Only when they become complicated and convoluted do they depart from the truth - and so become less and less workable. When Quimby figured out how to heal people the way Jesus did, it was a breakthrough. But his work was very simple and didn't involve complicated dogma which required extensive faith.

While faith is involved in any undertaking - it is proved by the result. Hill covered the mechanics of it quite well.

So, other than now digesting all of these books I've accumulated (and published) recently, I'm done. The rest is application.

People have the capacity for unlimited personal ability. What is needed is to simply get people to work out the techniques to enable this to be done by people who are capable of understanding and are capable of suspending disbelief long enough to see it works. The rest can't be helped until they meet those two requirements.

I see now that there is also a physical parallel to the philsophical. Practically, energy is all around us, we only need be able to tap it. Bearden has been sorting this out.

If there is a cross-over between the two, it would explain the supernatural miracles which have been recorded over time.

For me, I would now start running down the entertainment line, since that is the only real way to get all this across. (Imagine someone running an old Studebaker in a comic strip, which only has a single 12-volt car battery for power... it would get some people thinking, after all.) And those who won't take it seriously don't have to. But the idea is to package all this philosophy into a format which is readily consumable.

That's my route.

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