Thursday, February 08, 2007

What I've found to do with my life and how its changed

Saw some things recently you may be interested in - as far as that 30-day program.

I've mentioned earlier about how it really doesn't quit. You just keep going, because you are going to be re-programming some very old habits, some take more insistence on your part than others. So you just keep at it, finding some ways to surround yourself with the materials which will continue to support your chosen world-view.

While I've gone in and out with using my MP3's (the computer I use to play these on occasionally has other duties which prohibit that program running - or my single TV show is on, or, or, or...), I've found that I still utilize these daily in my life. The interesting thing I noticed lately is that I've been applying these data in my life to solve even routine problems. Instead of figuring and worrying about how my production is going, I simply forecast that I've made my production rate, that I get "good" order-batches to pull at my day job - and suddenly I am routinely making rate, which ensures a raise in a year, if I keep at it.

As well, I recently pulled a muscle in my back on a Tuesday and was in excruciating pain the next day when it got stiff. I had to resolve it by that weekend or I wouldn't be able to work. While after three days I did take two aspirin for the pain, I mostly just relied on what my intuition told me to do for it - sleep and drink a honey-vinegar solution, plus daily walks as I could stand. By the end of Friday, I started feeling pretty good and by the next Monday, it was all but gone. I had no problem pulling heavy items during the weekend and made my rate.

When I see something around me that's non-optimum, I simply get to work sorting it out with "forecasting" above - considering that I already had the problem solved. This is now become habitual with me. As a result, I am even more optimistic and cheerful as I go during the day. That, too, has become a habit.

And my income has been going up, while I haven't gotten the funds yet that I've forecasted, I know that they are on their way through the normal channels of trade and commerce (per Wattles).

Meanwhile, I've found some more books to study - but am hot on the trail of how to get my cartooning done and out. Dorthea Brande has been helping me with that one, while I've converted Robert Collier to MP3's for study.

Hope your world is turning out as swimmingly.

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