Friday, February 09, 2007

2012 - some interesting stuff, for sure

Beyond 2012

This page is fascinating as it has some very accurate-seeming studies behind it. The more you look at this date, the more interesting it becomes.

Another study, by Terence McKenna. He put the I Ching into a program and computed the end date independent of the Maya calendar.

What I can say at this point - there are three outcomes:
1. End of the world as we know it, the apocalypse and Second Coming, etc.
2. A spirtual scene where we are all lifted to a new plane.
3. Nothing particular happens, except some very nasty weather.
(A fourth option, which McKenna opined, is that all three happen simultaneously. Very possible.)

I would remind people that "The world is what you think it is." So regardless of what others think, your world will end up the way you want it.

But here's the advice: MOVE TO THE SUBURBS. Get a house with enough land to put a garden on. Figure out how to put in solar panels, wind generators, etc. so that you can be mostly off the grid if you have to. Get a diesel car - they can run on different fuels if they have to (and the engine lasts longer, anyway). Make sure you have a safety room or root cellar. Work to get all your debts paid off and invest in some precious metals (old coins are smart). Set up the house so it can't be easily broken into. Don't count on the government to do anything for you - or the news media, for that matter. Count more on your true friends and family.

Reason for that advice is that without terrorist attacks, cities don't do all that well with extreme weather. If we do have some messes coming our way, having a house that allows you to be more independent of the various grids we are connected to will give you (if nothing else) greater peace of mind and security. If "all hell breaks loose", you will have a better chance of survival if you have the above.

I don't worry much about this right now, as I live on a farm, but you can bet I'm going to work out how to keep my tractor running if I can't get fuel for a few weeks or months, or seasons. (My bigger problem is how to either enable my home to have 110 AC, or do without computers and such.) And can I run a chainsaw on alcohol?

That second scene above means we won't be worrying about much corporeal at all...

But I'm betting on the third, and some governments collapsing on this planet and a greater-or-lesser impact on our local economy. Figure this is preps against another Global Depression, like the 30's.

Something to spend my extra time on...

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