Thursday, February 01, 2007

And then it hit me - like a ton of rubber ducks from the truck in front of me...

As in the story from "The Secret" where the girl healed herself with just humor and faith, it would make sense for me to surround myself with humor in order to heal my own soul. This would add into my efforts and understanding that I need to grow my cartooning skills and make my own life.

So I went to the Internet Archive and downloaded all the public domain humor works they had. While I continue to find repetition through all the self-help and religious work I study and read, humor would find new targets and would enable me to find inspiration for the various toons I need to be creating. (And these text files don't take up that much space on my hard-drives, so I have more room for the resultant art. ;) )

The thing with life, at least from my view, it to quit taking it seriously - either bit by bit or all at once. There are some very weak Google searches on the "Laughing Jesus" or the "Laughing Buddha". But these approaches to life are stronger and more resilient than constantly surrounding yourself with "fair and balanced news" or "extremist rants" or anything else.

If you've ever eaten a green persimmon or an unripe lemon or lime - you can get the idea of what these things do to your mind. Turns them inside out as your lips take some very puckered qualities.

Your mind really needs to be laughing all the time - at least in my opinion. Even "The Secret" DVD is really too serious through most of it, and it is quite light in general. We really need some very funny comedians and cartoonists which write and perform from the "New Thought" frame of reference.

People have to live life. Comedy and humor can get their message across far easier and more effectively than the most persuasive inspirational work. So this is the life I would live from here on out.

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