Friday, February 02, 2007

A wealth of new books to read

Yesterday found Dorothea Brande's "Wake up and Live" as well as Robert Collier's "The Secret of the Ages". Brande's book was mentioned by Earl Nightingale in his "Strangest Secret", while Collier's book was featured in "The Secret" DVD. I also found a (rare) copy of Troward's "Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning".

Just a couple days before that, I got a copy of Max Long's "The Huna Code in Religions".

So you can see that I suddenly have a great deal of study to do. This is on top of many books I have in hardcopy at home that I've only touched and not thoroughly digested.

I've mentioned that there is one underlying system of self-help that occurs in every single bestseller in this genre. The more I read, the more I find the same data occurring over and over and over. Once you have the basics, then you can select which one you want to use in order to re-program yourself into "Success Consciousness" as Haanel describes.

I've begun listening to only my favorite MP3's selected to help me with this re-programming. One of the text-to-speech MP3's I created to use daily is the "One Minute Millonaire". This is aligned through Hansen's and Allen's earlier works, which are both inspirational and educational at the same time. (They will also make you rich, to the degree you follow them...)

If Brande's book turns out valuable, I'll make it into an MP3 and post it for you. (It's only 77 pages printed, after all.)

But these books really are pointing me to another route of study - that all Religions on this planet (once you get below their particular dogma's) all also believe in the same basic principles and so there is the possibility of a single common belief-system based on natural universal laws. Which makes world peace closer than we had thought. If everyone can agree on the same basic operating principles, then we can all get along much easier, since we have more in common. This is, of course, the Huna principle, "There are no limits."

Just the idea that there is more than enough to go around would put people into the concept of improving the quality of their lives, not worrying about how to covet their neighbors' goods to make it through the next day.

This means we are really working toward that New Era in Humankind, as "The Secret" talks about. If we were to spend more time getting people to understand and apply the principles these self-help authors keep telling us about, then we would to that degree have less warfare and violence around us - as well as more people fed, clothed, and at jobs they love.

But that is a choice we all have to make and use in our lives. Choose wisely.

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