Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where you start from

The key point you have to work from is that everything you do, all your actions, are contributing to the end-goal you've set.

It doesn't matter right now that they may not seem to go that way, it is only that you can just see (as Jack Canfield said in "The Secret") those two or three hundred feet in front of you as you drive through the darkness. You have to trust in your own driving, that you've taken the right choices, that you can always reverse your path and find a better one if you have to.

The trick is to be nice to yourself, trust yourself. This includes all your abilities, including your intuition. As you practice your abilities, they will only improve. So work on all the things you do to do them the best you can. In this way, you are practicing your integrity and your self-acknowledgement. In this way, you get "better and better every day, in every way". But it is a conscious, continual effort and practice.

What a great habit to have.

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