Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My mind is changing - and that's a good thing.

Realized my mind is shifting back to visual - something I've always had as a talent. While I've been writing for a while (and outgrowth of all that college work I did recently), it isn't my main line of work.

All this life, while I've been able to do some incredible art (other's discriptions, but true), I've struggled with making sense of what, who, and why behind the way this Universe operates. Now, I've reached a point where my next steps are to simply exploit and utilize my talents to produce new philosophy - to reach people on a popular level which others have not been able to do.

That is the purpose of my work: Bridging the gap between popular culture and philosophic truths. Making practical and workable philosophies applicable and real to the bulk of (at least Western) humanity.

This will require building a corporate structure to distribute it and defend it. I'll be going into various lines of production which are graphic-related, but are chiefly a populist platform (ie. consumer-driven). This will require many, many things.

However, regardless of the How, it now becomes my "burning desire".

All of these blogs, all the books and transcripts I've posted, these become the background and the foundation for this artwork. So I plant a seed in fertile ground and watch it grow...

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