Thursday, January 11, 2007

Seems we re-program all the time

Recalled today that last year I was re-programming myself, to a degree, in a similar fashion to the 30 day program I just went through. (Note I don't say "completed".) During that time, I was listening to a continuing set of MP3's which included Haanel, Wattles, Hill, Nightingale, and a version of the "One Minute Millionare". All of these, except Nightingale, were Text-To-Speech with an AT&T voice named "Crystal". (As I can I'll post these to Lulu or elsewhere as a free download, copyrights permitting.)

During this time, I just listened to these five recordings over and over. This was as a part of my studies - and also that trying to work in a warehouse (day job to while finishing off my college degrees) and listen to advanced tapes on real estate financing, etc., was getting very discouraging. (What was I going to do when locked into a very inane corporate set-up where my suggestions weren't appreciated or hardly given lip-service?) I needed tapes where I could improve myself at a very basic level and not get all excited about making money from what I didn't have and didn't have time to get.

But it was interesting that these texts (not the complete books, but summaries) were continually played for months during my 5 hour daily shift. So it's not that I haven't worked at re-programming myself before.

If you look over your life, you can see that you have been re-programming yourself constantly. All your attitudes are reinforced by the environment around you. The objects in your life are the result of previous thought. As you want to get different objects in your life, you have to change your environment as well as changing your thoughts. Otherwise, you are simply singing the same tune with different lyrics. You will get some changes, but not the ones you want, exactly.

And while my earlier recordings enabled a very facile grasp of the basics (handy when you're writing), they didn't get a substantial objective change around me. I did gain more peace of mind in an analytical manner. Another point in any failure to manifest was that key datum of getting the emotional involvement going. That is the new datum which I found through "The Secret" DVD. Bob Proctor calls it "positive thinking - internalized". This is his legacy from Napoleon Hill.

So there is ways to do this and ways to just go about the actions of doing it.

You have the choice of which manner you want to change your life. But rest assured, you are constantly changing your own life every moment you live.

Have fun, then...

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