Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The gift that keeps on giving - as long as you...

Did an interesting test. After the 30 day program was past it's 30 days, I tried to cold-turkey quit those actions. What I found was interesting: your surroundings reinforce your thinking, which creates your surroundings.

So there is a postive feedback scene. If you let things pile up around you, it just gets worse.

In other words, you need to regularly clean house and streamline your environment to what you want to see, as opposed to what you have been creating to this point. Otherwise, you simply get more of what you have wanted up to this point.

The Feng Shui specialist, Marie Diamond, mentioned this in Chapter Six of "The Secret" DVD. If you are surrounded by images of a failed lovelife, your environment will continue to uphold your own earlier views. You won't get romance in your life if you surround yourself with images (and books, magazines, toys) that support a failed lovelife. Porn addiction is just this.

My advice to clean house now finds its roots and theory base.

This is why all self-help authors say to surround yourself with self-help books and tapes in every moment. This is the reason for this. You have to continue to re-program your mind to constantly look for the positive, the improving, the optimal. If you continue to surround yourself with the failed and failing, you will just continue to fail.

Once you are done with the 30-day program, you aren't really done.

Next is to continue your plan and refine it.

Mine own has been to continue cleaning my room of old, finished jobs and studies. I'll be getting onto a daily regimen of exercise while I again listen to the DVD soundtrack first thing every morning. Afternoons will hold a daily walk, for both mind and body.

The Hill idea of building a "burning desire" will be paramount. Everything else must fall away and/or be replaced with only positive and supportive elements.

This again is the "full circle" logic of my studies - which continue to find recurring elements which tend to prove a continuing and underlying operating system of this universe. All I know at this point is that these authors continue to tell the same story, sing the same tune, over and over, regardless of what language they use.

Your choice is simply to pick the language which you like to hear. And then listen over, and over, and over.

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