Monday, January 08, 2007

Posted another tool for your use and research.

Just got Max Freedom Long's original book up and on the 'Net as part of this blog.

It's prime full of fascinating stuff. I've got some more studies to do on it myself, and have it up here to link as I find some interesting cross-related data. While this isn't the best presentation for it, you can download the book from my bookstore. I'm working on republishing it once I can verify that the copyright turned over completely to the public domain.

Also have Dr. Serge Kahili King's explanation of the seven Huna principles.

Here's the table of contents to Long's book.

Part I - The Investigation of Huna and How it Came About.
Part II - From Fire-Walking to Instant Healing
Part III - How the Aid of the Aumakua is Obtained
Part IV - Experimentation and its Problems, More Details on the Huna System
Part V - Huna and Various Religions
Part VI - The Experimental Approach to Huna

A short bio on Long is here.

Please enjoy and share your discoveries.

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