Thursday, December 21, 2006

What goes on during that 30 day reprogramming...

What I've found is that this is simply a faith test. Per several authors on "The Secret" DVD, that 30 day period is the common period to getting some real change into your chronic habits, into changing your life to what you want it to be.

You get all excited with initially finding this stuff, this DVD, and listening to it every day. But the "real world" which you previously created still kicks you back in the shins. Old attitudes, interlocked with other old attitudes, rear their heads to knock you off your game. So adopting tools like "gratitude rocks" and starting your day by finding things you are thankful for every day - these are essential to make your way through this time. Another tool on the DVD, from Bob Proctor, is to write every day, "I am so happy and grateful now that..." and fill in all the things you want to manifest in your life. Using John Assaraf's "Vision Boards" is also helpful, particularly if you are creative in the arts (like me) and so what you create on paper tends to show up in real life.

So you are building up your faith by practicing this stuff. Napoleon Hill wrote quite a bit about this in his Chapter 3 of Think and Grow Rich. "Practice makes perfect" goes the old adage - quite applicable to this scene.

You have to monitor your emotional swings and keep them positive. I've noted various tools to do this, most of which are simply practicing staying positive. You have to develop the habit of reviewing your vision and the products you want in your life. This is, as Hill covers, making your new life a Burning Desire. As you do this, it actually gets easier. Sure, there are many temptations to give in and sulk, especially during the first two weeks. After that, however, the water starts rolling off your back (as it were).

Again, you simply have to stick with it. And remember, all those Secret teachers held to that 30 day time frame - so simply being positive for that amount of time is doable. Get a calendar and mark off each day - there are even programs which enable you to track this on your computer. Get a blog and vent your spleen, being careful to write in positive tones and staying on the creative plane. This will also enable you review what you are thinking and do any needed "mid-course corrections".

Luck to us all.

- - - -

Looks like I'll be posting the rest of "The Secret" unauthorized transcript soon. On each page, I'll work to link the rest of the chapters with it, as I won't be putting this as any Table of Contents on this blog. This is so that you and I can link to this as we talk about this film and its various tools.

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