Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Some final words at this level of viewing

It appears to me that there is another level beyond what we can see here. That next level above where we are currently isn't all that real or even percievable. This is probably due to having too many agreements with this current physical world around us.

I mention this here only as a note of record. Many references (Silva UltraMind, Tad James Huna, Deepak Chopra, among others) give hints of abilities and possibilities far greater than what we are currently using.

Clearly, this evolutionary jump is invisible to those still here. Especially when you have the problem that under 5 percent will actually take advantage of proven self-help techniques to actually improve their lives.

Practically, the Law of Attraction (as covered ably, if briefly, by "The Secret" DVD) will provide everything you need - you only have to ask. Nightingale, Wattles, Haanel and all the rest had this figured out generations ago.

So, outside of some actions you have to take - which will come to you via intuition, there is little you have to continue to do which your culture, genetics, and education traditionally require. Practially, if you want to evolve, you have to help others evolve. At least that is what I can see at this level. Means enabling connections to self-help and self-improvement to all you meet. And eat your own dog food constantly (computer term - means to run the programs you write).

Occam's Razor applies. The Law of Attraction, plus the Golden Rule means that if you want evolution, you have to consider yourself evolved and meanwhile do everything in your power to help others around you to evolve. That is the simplest approach. And the Pareto Principle, plus the Bell Curve/Long Tail say that you should pretty much ignore modern trends in everything, and live life the way you feel (intuit) it should be done. Under that same Golden Rule, you work to help others constantly, but don't expect to have to recieve any help in return - all help you give is completely open-handed.

You can have all the money, fame, good fortune, health, happiness, etc. you want. But the above lays out the simplicity of how to get along and get evolved.

I've got some years to study this - or let it sink in fully.

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