Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pointless worry

Worry is pointless. It is essentially a "maybe" racketing forward in time. You are bouncing between bad effects in the past and possibly re-experiencing these in the future. However, there isn't any reason to worry. Anything you worry about is only there to worry you. Simply change your attitude and get happy, find the good within. Worries then cease bothering you. Trust your intuition to give you solutions to the situations you find yourself in. The more you practice your intuition, the better you get at it.

Any worry or indecision could be chased back to some personal insecurity, some "esteem" problem. The solution is simpler than the texts say. Simply find the good within - find and be thankful for the good things about you. Focus on these good things and the "bad" things about you will simply fall away. You attract what you think about - so think about those things you like most about yourself and you will get more good things showing up. That's all there is to handling "esteem" problems. Quit listening to what others think about you, quit needing approval for the actions you take in life. Listen to the good within and you will continue growing from whereever you left off.

Have fun in life and life will become fun around you.

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