Thursday, December 21, 2006

Look behind the curtain

An interesting scene happened - just as I was telling you about this 30 day exercise in faith-building. A sinus scene, which I have variously mis-assigned to weather, dust, season, etc. flared up today with a real mess of coughing and sneezing - threatening to turn into a full-volume cold.

As I sit here (with "The Secret" DVD soundtrack playing in the background), I can simply see that any ill health or dis-ease is simply some lack of love, some unwholeness in life. I also can see that this is simply kicking in as my old habits are trying not to die off.

I have tons of natural remedies, since I am a non-believer in using "modern medical technology" for anything except real emergencies. But.... my real solution is to simply sit still, be quiet and listen to myself.

This is, like the old movie "Wizard of Oz", a matter of looking behind the curtain at this tremendous effigy of that situation I'm experiencing. For some time, I've taken the Huna view of things occuring on various levels, that everything which happens to you can be understood as a lesson waiting to be learned.

This is the simple technique:
  • When you have something negative or non-optimal happening to you or continuing to happen to you - stop.
  • Just sit down in a quiet space (ala' Haanel) and listen to yourself.
  • Put your attention on the difficulty. Something will immediately flash to mind.
  • That's your clue to what is going on.Something is on your mind and is triggering this whole scene.
  • Take that something and fill it with love, understand it. Examine the negative content, simply let it go.
  • Visualize what your ideal scene is.
  • Then be grateful for what you already have.
  • Finally, turn it over to the universe to manifest, trusting that the universe will figure out how to make it manifest.
- - - -

For me, while I have been raising a great deal of dust with this cleaning, I am also in this imagined conflict of having to get certain things done on a certain schedule. I've got an old habit of needing to press forward and ACHIEVE things - a very Western Modern Male problem. I have schedules to keep, things to get done before I have to go back to work on the weekend. It's the old phrase that, "you're not getting any younger - what do you have to show for your life?" But who says you can't really get younger if you wanted to - just intend it and attract it into your life. What you have to show for your life is needing to be accepted or approved by people around you. Does this really reflect on your own peace? No. You are the only one who can create your own peace. You are the only one who can bring joy to your own life. What someone else does or doesn't accept about you is really only their problem.

Erhardt Tolle has a great deal in his writings about the great peace you can get from the Now. You have to look over your life from the view of what helps you make your own peace. All the great things you can attract into your life, all these possessions - which are those because someone else wants them and which are those that really help you get joy into your own life? (And which of these are you going to take with you, potentially, when you go?)

As you let your purpose find you, you will be able to use your emotions and feelings of peace and joy to help you find your way. This is the great part about this 30-day program. You will be investigating all the solidly-held datums in your life, all the things you've been wanting to do and get done and possess. You have been attracting everything which has shown up in your life so far. What is coming next is what you are thinking right now.

So in your reprogramming, you simply have to let go of everything and be willing to examine everything, all the dark secrets and odd habits you've had for so long. No, you probably won't really get through all of these in this first 30 days. But figure that you have the rest of your lifetime to examine the rest of them. This first period is simply to get yourself able to walk on your own. You are taking your first baby steps toward making a great new life for yourself. Don't expect to be able to run before you can walk, but hold that vision of you running and trust the universe to make it occur. You will get some interesting coincidences and intuitive hints on your way to that goal. Listen, and act on these. You'll find yourself running in no time.

But this first 30 days is just a way you can start changing your life over to one that you control.

After that, you really have no limits to what you can accomplish, achieve, acquire. Between now and then, you will find what purpose you have for all these goals and acquisitions you want in your life.

And - Merry Christmas! Here's the gift which keeps on giving.

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