Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just about wrapped it up - now for the toons...

Got the triumverate of self-help posted as blogs for everyone's reference. These are simultaneously available through as hardcopy. Simple reason is for people to read and work through my research and findings for themselves. As well, these three referenced books comprise the bulk of the work from the GTY series, particularly Go Think Yourself, S'More! If you really get these references thoroughly studied and understood, you have a world view which is literally unstoppable by any outside force. Any goal you set will be accomplished as you follow these texts' guidelines.

Practically, I am telling you that you can have, do, or become anything you can imagine. Because all of these authors were rich, successful and famous in their own times - and they used the same data they wrote about to become so.

The point of all this is that it is now over to you. I'm done with my basic research and writing. I'll be writing weekly columns (at least that is my plan) from here on out, plus doing around five cartoons each week.

I've compiled the data and built the bookstore so that you can get all this data in one place. If you want to download them, that's fine. Hardcopy is available, in various formats. I've even created a companion CD, as well as a Student Handbook to make this study simpler. If you find an error, or wish to discuss some datum, or simply wish to share a success, just log onto the appropriate blog and leave a comment. I've also created a Google Group in order to facilitate discussion as well.

So all these tools are sitting there for your use. Hope to hear from you soon.

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