Monday, October 09, 2006

And as I write this post about cleaning, my own room is a mess.

I've just finished a five-year whirlwind of research while attaining some seven degrees - but that is my justification. I've got tons of stuff figured out, three books written and another half-dozen edited and published.

Now I have to put it all to work/use.

But the room/apartment I live in has gotten second shift. I've got piles of stuff to sort out, shelves of books and bindered notes as ready reference.

Through the time I was studying at college, I found that I have some other work to do. Thought I'd train up on computers as I've always been good at fixing things. But I also found that I could do caricatures and make as much money during the weekends as I did during a 40-hour work doing wage-slave labor in local warehouses. This leaves the rest of the week free for writing, blogging, et al.

But, this winter I have to make some money to continue this trend. Owing to the cold weather, I don't have caricature work between October and May. So eBay and ecommerce rears their heads as possible solutions. To do this, I have to organize stuff.

I pushed this education along to get it all done. Then I pushed writing these books through to have those off my plate. All I have to do now is to market them through regular articles. Which I am doing through these blogs, for now.

But I'm also working to clean up this room and organize it so that it contributes somehow to my production. Just have to clean it all up.

Odd point is that now it is harvest season, which has its own distractions. I'm more than tempted to work more on the farm right now to get all the crops in and things fixed/prepped for winter.

The interesting point is that I have found that the simple points of Chopra/Vitale actually harness solutions out of the void to make things happen around me. A lost dog shows up for breakfast. A pump which has been giving me problems for weeks starts working.

There is that point which Wattles talks about, where you have to do more in your job than expected. You have to give more than asked for. (Which is why you can get free downloads of my books - although I still have to improve on this...)

But, again, I figure that I have to get all this junk out of my life. Like all these computer books I have laying around. Sell them and give 10 percent of the cash to charity (I've already given a chunk of the best ones to the library in town.) Then I'm due to recieve the funds I need to not only complete all this research, but also get the marketing done and make everything a success.

And so this book becomes a very personal test for me. Which I'll pass with flying colors, as usual, but I'm taking you along with me...

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