Monday, October 16, 2006

Biggest problem I have is faith

What is most remarkable, in this gut-spilling scene, is that I'm finding that my faith is being exercised to and beyond it's breaking point. That's the ticket in this whole scene. Hill, Haanel, Allen, Troward, all those guys have the same single point. And yes, it's in that one sentence in the linked blog entry.

But I thought it interesting enough to not link to Go Thunk Yourself, S'more! blog.

Ever tried something that shouldn't work and it did? I've had all these coincidences my entire life. I can fix just about anything. I get along great with any pet or livestock - I can settle them down and get them to go where I want them to, generally.

So why ain't I rich? That comes back - I already am and just haven't shown it yet.

So it is simply listening to that small voice in your head or somewhere. Trust yourself - it will all show up and go right. Practice makes perfect, afterall.

Over to you. What have you been practicing lately?

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