Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Helping Mankind save itself, one download at a time

Interesting results from my work at Lulu. I started last month and already have some things happening. Here's the non-income figures:

427110 The Aloha Spirit -- Download 4
421341 The Law and The Word -- Download 4
466853 Master Key System -- Download 6
397064 Go Thunk Yourself! -- Print 1
425845 The Master Key System -- Download 14
468338 Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich -- Download 3
407581 Go Thunk Yourself, Again. -- Print 1
425789 As A Man Thinketh -- Download 8
425686 Science of Getting Rich -- Download 9
438375 The GO THUNK YOURSELF Student Handbook -- Print 1
Total: 51

Those print versions I bought in order to get proofs for editing. Looks like people can't get enough of the Master Key System (I've got two different versions there - and now I don't want to cut either one, since I don't know which I linked where...). But on the other hand, the Law and the Word, as well as the Aloha Spirit have suddenly taken off over the last couple of days - meaning that my bookstore has been found (hope my recent re-design doesn't founder these downloads - now they are at the very bottom of the page).

Here's the paid stuff:

429531 The Thomas Troward Collection -- Download 1 $10.36
397064 Go Thunk Yourself!(TM) -- Download 1 $8.12
407581 Go Thunk Yourself, Again. -- Download 1 $12.63
421313 Go Thunk Yourself, S'more! -- Download 1 $6.52
Total: 4 $37.63

So, I'm only getting rich as success follows service. I just have to provide more real service.

That's the key point. I didn't just author a book, I'm providing a service. Get the free downloads and do the studies yourself. When you want to buy the printed version, then the line is ready.

Makes me think I ought to enable people to find the free download easier - and have Lulu handle the bill instead of my own server. But for now, I upgraded my storefront to enable a free download via my blog - which of course drives business to the relevant blog. (There is a way I can link each blog back to Lulu for the free download...hmm...)

Look, the point is that I'm making all this available for ready access. I am working to enable people to find the underlying philosophic system this universe is apparently based on. People can do it the cheap way, the easy way or any way they want to.

My point is providing the data in an accessible format.

The rest is up to you and other readers like you.

Check it out, today!

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