Thursday, October 19, 2006

Life is EXACTLY What You Imagine it to Be.

Well, here's the latest and greatest. Turned up as inspiration from a dream. Check out the article to see what I'm talking about.

Still working on the previous article, since it has everything to do with the problems I personally am running into in getting my own re-programming done.

Oh, and I found out that it is exceedingly easy to publish hardbound versions of trade paperbacks via Lulu. So I did. If you like the heft and feel of a hardbound book, the key books are all there.

This is one thing which is taking me away from my personal work. Just have to keep fine-tuning the bookstore. Hopefully now I'm finished. Posted Hill's The Law of Success as a research tool (in both trade paperback and hardbound). This was an interesting book, in that it is a simpler text, in some respects, than Think and Grow Rich, and was written about a decade earlier. Just trying to make your own studies and research easier. While I need to update that Companion CD, it's fine for now.

Next on my list is getting the collateral site up - over at Cafepress, where you can buy t-shirts and caps which tell anyone to "GO THUNK YOURSELF" in my successful logo colors. And I'll have another cafepress store for my artwork, just to get this up and ready for Xmas sales.

But for now, read my latest post - as I sort out my schedule (next step) so that I can get onto my own re-programming...

Life is EXACTLY What You Imagine it to Be.

Means all this around us is exactly what we think it to be. This gives our reason for why things tend to be so bad around us – we allow the news to treat it that way. This explains why we are having a rise in pornography addiction and pedophilia – people are able to surround themselves with deviant material and so become that world: they are filling their minds with sexually-related materials and their world then fills with that same material.

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