Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Running in Circles, or Chasing the Waist-coated Rabbit Down a Hole?

What do you want me to do for you? 

down the rabbit hole

It's really too simple, and there is where the lie lays.

All this life, I've found myself completely different from everyone around me. Trying all what passed for humankind practices kept winding me up in circles again. Even working for a corporate cult in L.A. which professed to be "changing the world" only showed itself to be out for money, power, control, etc.

And that lead me to retire to the Midwest to really sort out my own "head."

Semi-reclusive, semi-introspective.

Right now I have worked out some very arcane approaches to SEO which should make Google love the content I'm about to start pushing out. Mathematically, al-gore-ithmically, it's a great approach.

Too bad I can't share it with someone. (Well, actually, I have - most of it, online anyway. But the people I know locally who might understand are too defensively critical to share it with them.)

And I was about to run down a line of thought which would have created yet another book on a related subject - but found that I'd actually already written it.

"Well if you're so smart, why aren't you rich?" Runs through my life as if it were actually important. Practically, I've just uncovered the bulk of data which will keep a person indefinitely healthy - well, it works for me, anyway. So why would I want insurance to bet against myself. I'd already described it as a scam in another earlier book.

The game recently is to create a several-million annual income, and even larger net worth, all within a few years.

But let me tell you about a truck that's been causing me problems. You see, the doors on this thing have been catching lately. And of all things, they made the handles from plastic. So when it stuck recently, I gave the driver's side an extra pull - and broke it inside. Ok, so that's just leaving the window down enough to open it from the handle. (Dogs are inside when I take the farm truck to town, so that's not a break-in problem - plus a rural town isn't the same as a big city in terms of crime.) However, it was going to rain one day, so I rolled that d driver-side window up and shut the door - figuring the passenger side would let me in. After that rain, sure enough (just as I had been having warning thoughts) the passenger side was locked and wouldn't unlock with that little clicky thing. Meaning I was locked out.

As I've got other vehicles to drive, and it was parked out of the way, I left it until I could get back to it. Found I had gotten those "warning thoughts" and had ignored them - only to find that it would have kept me from that inconvenience. So I let the whole scene go, in order to solve it. Had I paid attention  to (or let go) these errant thoughts earlier, it might have helped. (A balance is needed.)

As a sidebar: for years, I've put up with a contrary starter on my tractor. It sometimes won't engage right off. A neighbor says it's probably some space-washers needing adjustment on the Bendix (whatever that is.) However, I can get it started by - wait for it - finding the connection between me and the earth through that tractor. Becoming one with and through it. Hey - it works.

So doing that to the truck was a logical extension. Today, I got the urge to get the key and try to unlock it again. Sure enough, the clicky thing worked enough so I could open the passenger door.


Tonight I was all inspired to write another book - only to find on study, that I'd already written it.

I don't do "usual" very well. So the point is coming to me that I'd be better off using my metaphysical urgings to start sorting things out like "making money."

There's an old book I wrote/compiled/edited years ago, called "Mystic Marketing." And I'm "reminded" every now and then to re-study this - which of course, I've been putting off. It's really got every thing you need to know about how a person can "attract" or "manifest" anything and everything one would want or need.

And that seems to be the way it's needed to go.

I'm just telling you all here (those few followers which have found this blog interesting enough to follow it over the years) that we are now entering a new phase.

Sure, I've got it all set up to start marketing this stuff. But practically, I need to take a different approach - one which will attract/manifest individuals more like myself. And to do this, as Mike Dillard was just reminding me tonight (through one of his books) that "Attraction Markting" was the way to do this.

Now that type of marketing boils down to pushing "You, Inc." That of course, in our terms, boils down to "Just Be." (Which should be familiar to my followers.)

That and that alone is the key to all of this "money making/attracting/manifesting" stuff. Just Be. Let everything else go - the whole flaming universe. Let all of it go as unimportant. Nothing is important. No thing is important.

So my reclusive scene continues. As I can talk to you, in this way, we'll now see how this works out.

I'll give you a list of blogs soon which you can follow to keep updated.

What we are actually going to do is to break the mold. It's come to me over and over, in all these studies I've done since leaving that cult (coming up 13 years this month) that you have to actually throw away around 90-99 percent of what passes for conventional wisdom on this planet and universe. Keep the average of the 3 percent which proves workable to you personally. Let the rest go.

So it will be the next test to actually study the metaphysical marketing methods to create value in other peoples' lives and get exchange for that.

Should be relaxing, and fun.

Luck to us all.

PS. Leave a comment, or PM me if you need/want something I can give you.
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