Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sorry, you're becoming a saint.

I have to apologize here - mostly because it's rude to change people without letting them know what's happening. Well, it's a point of wanting to treat people as you'd like it.

So when I tell you you're becoming a saint, it's just fair warning what's coming down the road at you (or you're coming up the road toward it - depending on your model.)

As all roads lead to a greater spiritual freedom, you are simply rising to what people in earlier ages (and some today) are calling sainthood.

Practically, if you worked out the best possible way to treat people according to that ubiquitous Golden Rule, you wind up with attributes of living which are usually reserved for sainthood.

Of course, these are actually much simpler and more rewarding ways to live. And far more profitable these days (if you follow T. Harv Eker and Bob Proctor).

But saints don't live troubled lives. And they don't particularly have to rail against authorities (or turn over money-changer tables in temples.)

I've covered before that there are far more enlightened living among us that is commonly suspected.

And this is what's making the world improve more rapidly than every before.

Today's logic:

The bell curve also predicts action. The great center just reflects what action is being taken on either extreme. You see this in politics - where people will vote one side or the other more heavily.

But practically, it's not just a two-sided dialectic approach - rather it is a 3D scene, where you have a bump in the middle of an otherwise flat plane. If you pull any particular side of that bump over, the rest tends to follow.

And like Eker points out, there is no right or wrong belief, there are only beliefs.

This doesn't mean that there aren't more pro-survival ways to live your life. Just that just as "the poor will always be with us", so will criminals and the insane.

However, if you follow work in Ho'oponopono (like Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale's Zero Limits), you'll find that there is a hole in this logic. Because Love can simply dissolve things without consulting them ahead of time. There is practically no defense against it. It is, per Haanel, the force which created and continues to create this universe.

Now all that is saying is that we are dissolving this playing ground around us as we continue to evolve.

But that's OK, because our legends tell us that we have many more besides this one to play around in.

And this is all very short-handed, and more than a bit skimpy. I've misplaced some of my notes for all this to sketch out this path more fully. So there: I've just got too many things to apologize for today.

As you're reading this, you have already come to some of these conclusions for yourself.

Otherwise, this is going right over your head and you probably leave it at this point or before.

Because blogs are supposed to be fascinating things which appeal to that common addiction we have called "modern culture".

It was just that I got woken up this am with something I was supposed to say - and it's just that I had to tell you that I'm sorry you're being turned into a saint as you read this type of stuff.

The only disclaimer I have for you - if it's any consolation - is that it's a helluva way to go.

So please enjoy this incredible new Now we are all creating.

Even though there may be some apparent bumps in the road, they are being created just to make it all seem more "real". It's all part of waking up. The best part.

And in between the lines of this is far more meaning than I have time right now to tell you. But as you continue your own studies, and start analyzing the world around you more carefully (and a lot less seriously) you'll find all sorts of fascinating meanings which help you along that path-that-isn't-there toward a similarly non-existent mountain.

Have I been mystic enough this early am?

Well, we all have access to that line of prose when we need it.

Of course, if this strikes a chord - you can always leave a comment.


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