Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Change Your Mind - Really Shift Gears

The problem, after awhile, is not how to get inspired, but how to quit having to deal with all these inspirations coming in all the time.

Seriously, it can get bad after awhile.

And you have to learn how to shut it off, as it were, so you can have some peace every now and then.

Otherwise, you're going to get ragged out just trying to keep up with all the genius-type thoughts you have all the time. They come faster than they can be put to use or developed into a working model.

The result is that you get nothing done, make no money, have nothing to show for all that thinking and writing and whatnot you've been doing.

The point, as so many of the real masters have told through the years, is to concentrate.

However, the problem is that most initiates have to work through this effort band of trying to force themselves to concentrate or "don't think" of things around them. And of course, they wind up thinking even harder. (That's the old NLP conundrum that there is really no negative in the mind.)

Let me give you the solution right now, then we'll cover how to get from here to there:

You simply let it all go and just be.

Yes, I've said that before, and it's really that simple. And once you've really mastered this for yourself, you have an always-on, endless supply of Peace that you could almost bottle and sell for pennies to make your fortune and retire. (Of course that secret is that you've already retired at that stage and are into your second or third career by then.)

But that's the simplicity of getting your mind back to where you want it.

This has always been the point, and probably why most people just leave their mind on automatic (as well as most everything else.)

There haven't really been decent tools a person could use to get their mind back into a "clutch-gearshift" mode. I mean, I love automatic transmissions - but if you can't utilize the lower gears when you need them, what's the use of having them? When you have to manually shift, then you know what's going on all the time and can get a lot more performance out of your vehicle.

And that's what a body and a lifetime are - a vehicle for you to ride in for now.

(If all that transmission metaphor doesn't appeal to you, then maybe try the free vs. trapped concept. Same point.)

Key to being able to think of what you want when you want is based on a few principles:
  1. Know you can be free and get unlimited peace anytime you want it (or need it.)
  2. Know that you can tap into an unlimited amount of information, knowledge, and understanding at will.
  3. Know your own purpose, what makes you an individual here and now.

Really, those are all three the same thing (and there's a fourth kicking around somewhere which should show up shortly...)

The best solution I've found to get there (aka enlightenment) is to learn both the Silva Method and Levenson Releasing - as I've covered before. You can always try Burt Goldman's stuff, but it's based on Silva UltraMind/Peaks. And there are at least 3 main versions of Levenson (Dwoskin, Crane, and Seretan).

Both of these methods (Silva-Levenson) have many additional tools you can use to tweak it for your own best experience and results.

The key theory is to simply let go of whatever chain of thought you've been working on and simply drop back to your natural state of peace. This will mean relaxing into an alpha or theta brainwave state (that's the Silva part) and then simply letting go (the Levenson part).

As soon as you have that peace back again, then you can review your basic purpose and see what goal you wanted to pick up again and what needed some more work. Then the thoughts you want to take up can start - because you're working from intuition forward.

Now, this doesn't mean that you can't pick up any chain of thought again, at any time. Practically, it will stay just where it was until you do get back to it. Because it's a creation process - and until you create on it some more, it will stay there, unchanged.

This works because you are simply pulling from a much more powerful source than anything in this universe. You may have heard of the concept, "as within, so without" (comes from the old Emerald Tablets if you want to look it up.) The kicker is that the inner universe is much bigger and resource-full than the outer one. The world and physical universe we live in is like looking down into a microscope. Sure the world you know see when you concentrate on that small little bit is huge and involving, but when you back out of it, you can see that it really is just a speck of something in a drop of water between two thin pieces of glass.

- - - -

All of today's post is really short-handed beyond belief. But since I had the problem, I wanted to share with you how I scratched my own itch.

If you want more data, you're going to have to check out those links for Silva, Goldman, Crane, and/or Seretan. Or just look their stuff up online. Most have free downloads you can check out. All of this data can be gotten by lots of time spent in research on the Internet. But I can tell you that you'll get it faster by investing money rather than time. Your choice.

Hope this helps you.


PS. What's that? You don't have the "always-on Genius" problem?  Check out this book I cobbled together a couple years ago - "Genius: How to Be One, How to Live With It."  20 bestselling and all-time classic authors from the last 100 years (except mostly the last 50) who had that problem and lived to write about it...

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