Friday, December 31, 2010

The underlying tetrad - four-way flows to Peace

There appears to be an underlying tetrad for your use. (Tetrads are discussed in "Go Thunk Yourself, Again" as a method of analysis or handling life.)

There seem to be four balanced flows which move in different directions around us.

Pilots commonly use three of these. Philosophers use all four, but most hang on the last one (unless they are accessing their Zen side).

These are:
  1. up/down
  2. turn right/left
  3. roll right/left
  4. change/no-change
That last one is known as time.

And a centered individual knows that nothing "has" to be done, that there is only the Now.

Of course, with any extreme, there exists the opposite - probably to balance it out. Corporate extremes are matched with activist groups to rein them in. The political right is matched in intensity by the political left. Poverty is matched by philanthropy.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this. Particularly where "found" by those who don't want to look.

But the "hard" or "impossible" usually starts with non-confront of what is.  As you consider the possibilities, then all becomes possible.

A workable (and relatively stress-free) life can be made out of finding the "middle road" as many follow.

Now, you can also step partially or entirely outside this scene. Just to the degree which you consider the Huna principle "The world is what you think it is." (Hint: create visions.) Nothing is truly carved in stone forever.  Meanwhile, this is a very workable way to consider things.

And Peace shows up when reaching the center - that "peace that passes all understanding."


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