Wednesday, January 05, 2011

TheTricky Paradigm-shift Which Could Save Your Life

The trick with all this is not a trick - it's a paradigm-shift. A person has to move from belief in this mortal plane into simply belief in self. (Or Self, depending on what you're preferences are.)

And I'll tell you that the point is to make your visualizations and then let them go. Mock up the world just the way you want it as a fact. Then let the world roll it out as it will.

This takes courage - probably more than facing the most devilish opponent that can be mustered up.

Of course, it's one of the easiest things you can do in your life.

The reason being is that all this evil, all these opposing forces, all these conspiracies which are keeping you down - are just self-created fictions. Fictions. Lies. Theatrics. Puffs of smoke-and-mirrors which you created to keep yourself amused.

Politics, government, shadowy crime syndicates, rogue dictators pursuing nuclear weapons - all these "real-life" characters stem from your own participation in that game they are playing.

Because, in actuality, all these characters are you. We are all connected. And what is out there is your responsibility, because you put it there.

At some point, you have to (or not) take charge of that point of your mind where you are giving up your power of choice and self-determinism to something else - creating those entities which can "run your life" and that you "have no say over."

But take this single idea for now: The world is what you think it is.

Sure, that's an old Huna principle, one of the oldest they have (and it's a very old philosophy).

If you take that single principle really to heart, then you see that all of this world is in fact a stage. But you are the director, in charge of casting, wardrobe, scenery design - the whole works.

You write the play that you star in. Every single, itsy-bitsy bit of it. All the large scenes where the hero or heroine comes in and saves the day, as well as the small ones there just to accommodate scenery changes.

How these scenes come out is exactly as you script them - in advance.

Because your thoughts create your reality.
And you think too much sometimes. But all those collected thoughts you've been amassing for so long are just your "swipe file" so you can create the next scene.

When you sit in movies, or watch TV, or listen to your uncles' stories, you are piling up more and more references to build your life with. And to the degree you hold onto the tragic ones instead of the comedies, just to that degree will the scenes in your life play out that way. To the exact degree that you let go of the critical ideas and considerations you hold - just to that degree will your life be peaceful, joyous, and free.

Because any and all internal, personal peace stems just from this one point of faith: that you create your own reality through your own thoughts and actions.

And you can say these are the ravings of an old man who lives on a remote farm in the middle of nowhere. But I would reply - yes, and I put myself here just so I could study out the insanities of this planet and culture to get to their actual base. And report on these back to you and your created world we live in.

What you want out of life are your own choosing. What you get is what you want. Too simple.

Try it for yourself. See if you can't change your own mind. Even a little bit.

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