Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looking and Finding More Perfection in this World

As you seek, you will find.

And this is exactly the conundrum Quantum Physicists stumbled across. The more they looked for smaller and smaller particles, the more they found exactly what they were looking for. Experiments seeking to prove that sub-atomic action was in waves, found they worked together in waves. Experiments looking for particles found particles.

This effect was so noticeable and so profound that it was an epiphany for some. And why “The Secret” DVD and “What the (Bleep) Do We Know” have so many quantum physicists in their host of teachers and experts. These scientists had to now research into other areas to find texts and observations which would explain what they had just run into.

And so, many of these went into ancient Eastern texts (because we really have no ancient Western texts – until you wind up over in the Polynesian islands… where West meets East.)

Oddly enough, the practical philosophy of Huna has in its legends actually creating these early civilizations. (Well, the same people who brought you Huna also brought you…) And there are even Greek islands and real estate with Polynesian names.

But the point is really that what we are looking for we find.

This is the first principle of Huna, Ike (ee-kay), which Serge Kahili King interprets as “The World is What You Think It Is.”

Of course, that then explains why the Golden Rule works better for those who have faith in it. (It works regardless, but it’s efficiency goes through the roof when you start really applying it with full faith.)

If you want more peace in your life, you simply have to start looking for more peace in the world – it’s people, things, animals, circumstances – that “happen” around you.

Now, you don’t have to believe that the cause-effect balance is that simple.

On the other hand, you can try it out for yourself to see if it might not just improve your life somewhat. Even a little bit.

And the reverse is patently true. People who love to follow conspiracy theories find all sorts of secret meetings and hidden agendas everywhere. By the same token, people who find that these “high-and-mighty” people who are involved in this are clumsy and bumbling also find evidence of that.

You find what you look for.

Most people simply don’t look. Earl Nightingale opened his famous “Strangest Secret” recording by quoting Albert Sweitzer to explain it all: “People simply don’t think.”

So the world around them is an endless pattern of 9-5 daily work and commuting and being at constant effect of their job, the government (and its taxes), the people who moved in next door (or upstairs), the economy, etc. Their only choice is to change the channel – but that just gives them different actors and mostly the same content and commercials.

Insanity is defined as doing the same actions and expecting different results. However, you’ll see just in the above that such a definition is flawed. If you “expect” strongly enough and with sufficient faith in your own ability to create the world around you – you will indeed have different results.

Of course, that explains why certain athletes can break records with the same equipment and on the same track as the people around them. Rarely, you’ll find people with a different genetic make-up. But mostly, it’s just a different idea that they hold. For shortly after someone breaks a record, several others follow suit and break it as well.

The world they live in is all in their thoughts.

As this blog is in yours and mine.

So if you want more wealth, better relationships, fathomless inner peace – you simply have to consider that you can have these and then go looking for them.

Because exactly as you seek, you will find.

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