Monday, July 12, 2010

How the 7 Huna Principles were discovered

Now I wasn’t there for this, and neither were you. (Of course, this information is freely available via intuition, and that’s my source for what follows…)

If you look at these 7 Huna Principles, you’ll see a logical progression as you follow them backwards.

7. Pono – Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth.

This is the definition of philosophy, by the way: Love of things that work. Truth is something that works for you and improves (or can improve) your life some way when applied.

Now you’d see that this was a very basic concept as to how this universe operates. You’d only want to work with data that was proved to work – and the best data is the most effective in solving things.

Of course, this isn’t a bottom-line datum, since it only points a person in the direction of finding the most effective truth possible.

6. Mana – All Power Comes From Within.

This starts us on the road, but the path narrows somewhat. Obviously, figuring out where power comes from would be useful. But if it comes outside a person, then everyone would simply be puppets or slaves. And no masters. So a person is natively in control as regards Free Will and only gives this up to trade for some sort of security – would be one example.

However, spiritually you see a different approach to this. There is a creative power within, which is to be Self. And this power cannot be subjugated and cannot be used to have power over another.

And how do these ultimately powerful people get along?

5. Aloha – To Love is To Be Happy With.

If everyone is all-powerful, then as well we are full of certainty and grace. Enough to share with everyone around us. And as well, we have an infinite abundance of happiness – all native.

To share this happiness is to love and give this unconditionally to all we know and meet.

Aloha itself has dozens of meanings in addition to this one. Which would make sense, as the happiness you can share with others has infinite variations and applications.

Your highest amount of love is in the present…

4. Manawa – Now is the Moment of Power.

Memories are not as powerful as what we do in the Right Here and Now. The future is only some plan or idea of a goal to shoot for. What makes that goal a reality is the work you do right in front of you.

Your Power, your Love, your effectiveness is measured in terms of Now, not then’s or will-be’s. The past has no hold over you, and the future doesn’t exist.

What you do right Now gives you the place to stand to move the world.

3. Makia (mah-kee-ah) – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

This again, is another logical step. What you put your attention on is what happens. Your power from within is spent in the Now in order to do what? To make a better Now. To help others around you make the Now you share a better place.

And what gets your attention is what changes. So this world around all of us can be changes according to what you concentrate on.

Of course, that just brings up our next point, the next logical discovery down this line of investigation…

2. Kala – There are No Limits.

We are all connected. We live on this planet and share the same gravity, the same air, the same sunshine. I cannot create an effect on you without in some way affecting me. When I work to help you create a better Now, I am also working to improve my own quality of life.

Waging violent wars, or violence of any kind affects all of us. Practicing peace through every action, every effort you exert – that helps us all.

But you have to wonder, still – why? Isn’t this the bottom line to all existence? No…

1. Ike (ee-kay) – The World is What You Think It Is.

Now we are at the lowest common denominator – at least what we can see in this universe around us. Because we thought it into existence. And as you think, as you create with your mind (or wherever thoughts come from) the world changes. And it starts from within. And is only effective to the degree it is workable. And applies to everyone you know or meet. And will help you share your happiness. And creates that internal power.

Because the thoughts you have or create in turn create the world. If you want to exhibit more power, more love, more unity, more peace – change your thoughts. Quit listening to limiting thoughts and create unifying, peaceful, loving thoughts to replace them. Fill your life with these type of thoughts and the world around you changes to that degree.

- - - -

And so my tale is done. It isn’t a fancy one, or one which will be told through the eons. It is one which came to me just so I in turn could tell  it to you.

Now you may do with this whatever you will.


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